Mar 11 2012
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Vita southpaw

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Oh wait that's right for a dual analog gaming system with a 5" G-A-P between sticks it's unbelieveable there's no southpaw not even in touch my katimari though the old "classic" scheme makes it playable had it only come with default like uncharted it would be unplayable as golden abyss is with no southpaw mode.

How would southpaw work because on console you flip sticks and d-pad/face buttons remain as in default which would still require you either stop moving and die or from freelook s-t-r-e-a-c-h over to the face buttons which are 5" away....believe it or not sony bend's past work on psp solves the dilema,how ,simple.

In dark mirror,retrobution or logan's shadow the d-pad was the action buttons,nub was freelook which would be the left stick on vita and because we have a right stick on vita they'd drop down the movement from the face buttons to the vita's right stick leaving the face buttons as vita's d-pad.

If you're simply playing stardust or katimari all you need is left stick =camera and right stick=move but ANY dual analog 1st/3rd person action/shooter and yes even games like sly,jack and ratchet not just infamous,kz,mg hd or cod require face buttons,camera,move and d-pad.

What's irksome is sony bend created back on psp vita southpaw and shipped uncharted completely unplayable.....not a good start for dual analog gaming on the go.

Fortunatlly thing are patchable and very fixable though i can play other games fine like :wipeout,road trip,deviants,escape plan,disgaea 3 or lbp basiclly anything single analog or touch because we all have the same learning curve with touch but dual analog always screws me up.

You might ask how i play ps2,3 games and my answer is with custom controls on the thrustmaster 3-1 dual trigger pad.

This is such an easy issue to fix and then everyone can simply enjoy their games anywhere.

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Re: Vita southpaw

Mar 11, 2012

i'm a lefty, accept people are prejudice because lefties are cooler, and use my right hand, so what if its a bit inaccurate?

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