Dec 23 2012
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Vita photos & LBP photos transfer to PS3 and LBP2 compatibility

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Im about to start my hand at creating levels with the Little Big Planet series and with the Vita's camera my mind (and eye) has expanded with the things I might can do, but I'm running into a problem. With Little Bigs 1 and 2 the user is allowed to make sticker's and objects with the Eye camera which is all well and good but your limited by the cameras cord as to what pictures you can take. With Little Big Vita if I wish to make a sticker then I have to take the photo within the program, it does not allow me to upload photos I've already taken with the Vita's photo app. Is there a way to do this? Also, since the Vita's screen is small I would like the opportunity to upload my photos that I take with the vita (within the LBP program or out of it) and transfer it to my Little Big Planet 2 program that way I can sticker and object edit my photos on my big screen tv. Have I overlooked something and these options ARE available to the user? 

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