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Re: Vita dead before it even got alive

Aug 14, 2012

slypherousS7even wrote:
seriously...all the good games released for this thing are in japan. I dont even understand how they do this, when their sales over there were so horrible. i bought this stupid device expecting a few good games as i go along but yea, other than 1 or 2 startup titles that came out during launch, this system has been a major disappointment. I have long beaten the 4 games purchased and now the system sits on my shelf collecting dust. The thing that irks me the most is that i look at the JP psn and there are tons of games on there i would like to play but ofcourse not availbale to NA. With that said, yes i know sony is a japanese country but alot of their fan base resides here in the NA.

This is just a warning. If anyone is still wondering..the final word is to save your money. Dont buy this system, unless you like a 300 dollar dust collector after the firt 2-3 weeks you play with it.

I dont even use it for music...the process to add it to the **bleep** device is so stupid.
Videos, forget about it. conversion takes too long. Finally...a browser that cannot even stream media....yea...just sighs all around.

That would be due to the simple fact that the companies that have produced those Vita games that you want to play are Japanese companies, not Western companies. Hence those games will be released in their home country and not world wide. Japanese RPGs rarely make it outside of Japan unless someone like Atlus, NISA, or XSEED brings those titles here. Localization costs money and often requires new voice acting. Resources that many of the smaller companies don't have.


/shrug/ I use mine every day and I bought mine at launch.


Odd. I haven't had any trouble putting music on mine. Sorry to hear it.


Ok, that point I can agree with.

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