Jan 31 2014
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Vita Screen Dims When using Remote Play with DS4 - Will this be fixed on Vita Slim?

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So I figured out how to use a Dualshock 4 controller with Remote Play from the PS4.  See for yourself here:


The problem is the screen dims every 60 seconds or so since no buttons are being pressed on the Vita.  This is very annoying and required a screen tap to brighten up the display 


I understand that the OLED screen on the Vita 1000 may require auto-dimming due to burn in.  My question is will the Vita 2000 (Slim) provide the option to override the auto-sceen dimming every 60 seconds since it uses an LCD?  If so I will happily upgrade to Slim to use this feature. 







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Re: Vita Screen Dimming when using Remote Play with Dualshock 4 will this be fixed on Vita Slim

Jan 31, 2014
That. Is. Awesome! It's always bugged me not being able to use my DualShock 4 while in Remote Play. Sure, it's not perfect, needing a sub account and all, but it's a start.
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