Feb 18 2012
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Vita - Content Management | Media Go support?

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One of the most disappointing things with the Vita so far for me is how it handles content management.

It's really nice that we can copy files to and from the Vita using the Vita's touch controls but the options for file sorting are terrible.

Photos for example, can only be sorted by "All" and by "month".

So if navigating through a big folder of pictures, it's very problematic to locate the photos you want to copy over.

It doesn't even recognise the folder names you may have on your pc.

Copying photos is also ridiculously slow. It takes like 3-5 seconds per photo....

Music and videos copy faster than a few photos

Anyway, I LOVED using mediago for my pspgo.

It converts videos for copying to psp and just simply gives you "PC" functions for content management.

With the Vita, you have to manually try to copy videos across where it will prompt you saying that "this video is incompatible.."

(namely 1080p mp4 videos can't playback on the Vita, thus I need to copy 720p copies instead)

The vita content manager is poor, slow and a mess to work with.

This is a step back imo.

Has Sony said anything in the past about Media Go being updated for Vita support?

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Re: Vita - Content Management | Media Go support?

Feb 20, 2012

Well, at least I am not the only one with slowness.  The only thing I had tried to move from my PC to Vita using Content Manager was pictures.  And 50MB of pictures (200 images) took over 20 minutes to copy.

I found that backing the Vita up to my PSP was faster, but then I am backing up large game files, not hundreds of smaller files.

I also do not like how images are handled.  I have my images in folders for a reason.  I didn't want all of them piled into one big mess o' photos.  Keep the directory structure in place!  How hard can that be?

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Re: Vita - Content Management | Media Go support?

Feb 20, 2012

media go support will not happen content manger will update later on though. (media go was not that good when it first came out either. it took time for it to be good. was not even under the same name originally.)

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