Dec 06 2010
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Vanilla Pre-paid Mastercard

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I just bought a vanilla pre-paid mastercard and decided to add fund to my psn. I entered all the correct information. I even went onto the forums and looked at threads where people confirmed that this card can be used. Now, everytime I tried registering the card to add funs ($50 card), it kept saying Invalid Card Information. After trying 10 times and getting frustrated, I decided to check on the Vanilla card site to see if my balance is alright. Guess what? $11 were missing. I went **bleep** and tried to register the card once more and went back to vanilla site to check my balance. $1 more was gone. **bleep** is this PSN? They basically took $11 without telling me and there is no option or information telling me that they are going to be taking $1 everytime I fail at registering the card.


Is this normal?

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Re: Vanilla Pre-paid Mastercard

Dec 6, 2010
They initiate a transaction to check if the card is good. It can take a few days for them to fully "accept" the card. The $1 charges should be reversed as there is no charge to add a c/c to your PSN account.
I had a c/c that worked last year, and tried it recently - no luck. Re-entered all info, left it alone for a week and it worked.
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Re: Vanilla Pre-paid Mastercard

Dec 18, 2010

Well I waited a week, it does seem like the money was returned to my card but the card still will not work. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get it to work? I've tried entering the information again and it says my card is invalid and again, it withdrew $1 to check if my card is good...

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