Mar 25 2011
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Vanilla Mastercard.

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I know so many people have asked about this before... But I can't really find any answers to this problem.

People say that it doesn't work on PSN, then there's others who say it has worked for them

I have used a Vanilla Mastercard before on my PSN, but now when I try to change my "credit card" It says it's not valid.

I've entered it in a few times, but it keeps saying my card is invalid.

The card was just bought today, would that be a factor to this problem?

Sorry for bringing up another topic about this...But I would be greatful if I  could get some help

Oh, and I live in Canada, so no PSN cards for me

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Re: Vanilla Mastercard.

Mar 26, 2011

The Playstation Store generally does not accept debit cards, even if they have the Mastercard or Visa logo.  This is documented in the knowledge base.  The reason for this is that some debit cards do not provide any evidence of residence, so Sony does not know whether it can legally sell you the content, or whether it needs to collect sales tax, and if so how much.  Bank credit cards have a billing address that Sony can access to determine your state (or province) of residence.  Web sites that sell physical goods don't need that because they make those decisions based on the shipping address.  Playstation Store purchases have no shipping address.  PSN cards are cash equivalents so there is no way to verify those, but only selling Playstation Store goods to people that have bank credit cards wouldn't work for the demographic of the PSP, in particular.  Sony doesn't really have a choice there, but it has no desire to accept more than one form of payment where the buyer's residence can't be verified. You may have been able to use that type of card before, but that doesn't mean that it will work now.  Sony has reduced the types of debit cards that it will accept over time. It tries to only accept ones that have a bank-verified address associated with them.

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