Feb 19 2012
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VITA and media servers

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So I figured that I would be able to access one of my media servers on my VITA, There is currently no option to do so like there is on the PS3,

I thought I might be able to access it through the internet browser, I went to the address, saw all my media, tried to play a video and it says "This content cannot be downloaded onto the PS VITA"

So apparently no streaming capabilities directly to the VITA itself. However I can Remote Play with my PS3 and access my media servers that way, which is neat but the VITA itself should be more than capable of doing it.

By the way, the media server I'm referring to is my TwonkyMedia Server which came with my 1TB My Book World Edition. It is viewable by mobile devices as well. I also have a TVersity Media Server for my laptop stuff. I haven't tried it. but I'm assuming its the same

Is it very likely the VITA will gain this feature in the future?

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Re: VITA and media servers

Jun 10, 2013

Hey Moosh,


I'm hoping the same thing... I hope in a future update that Sony will incorporate streaming from a media server for my PS Vita!  I use VUZE media server for my PS3 which is great because I just leave all the movies on my PC and stream using my wifi so I can watch them in full HD on my TV in the living room... we be even better if I can sit in bed with my PS Vita and a set of headphones and do the same thing!  :-)


Come on Sony, get ahead of the competition in technology and give us streaming capabilities with the PS Vita!


I'm a boy... Hahaha... Lol

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