May 08 2012
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Using Component to DVI (NO HDMI)

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Here's my scenario and question...I don't use HDMI cables due to the limitations it presents me when I'm connecting to my switches, but recently the component input on my TV died. I've done all the necessary troubleshooting to prove it's the component input on my tv and not my console or cables. Rather than buying a new tv, I'm considering using an old monitor to save some money. Before I go out and start buying cables/adapters, I want to know if anyone has tried using a component to dvi cable or adapter to hook up their ps3 to their monitor, and if so, how'd it go?

The monitor I use is 1920x1080 so that cover's the minimum 720p requirement, and it's HDCP. I'm not interested in trying alternate methods, because I've yet to find a difinitive answer for this particular configuration online. Thanks in advance.

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