Nov 22 2012
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Unexpected Suprise

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I've always loved my PS2. The games were great. It helped me feel at peace. It was a jewel to me.


Before Christmas, I knew that my parents would keep the gifts in the closet. So, I decided to sneek in their with my oldest sister.


To my suprise, there were no games at all. I saw some stuffed animals and some action figures. But no games.


I knew that times were bad. But it made me a bit dissapointed to see no games at all. 


I recalled people braging at school how they'll get the latest of games for their PS3s and so on. But I didn't care. I was already happy enough with PS2 games. 


At Christmas day, I woke up with my other siblings to see the tree full of gifts as usual.


But then I saw some that looked funny. They looked a bit smaller that PS2 cases. But I figured that they were some dvds or something.


My father was on of the first people to open up gifts. I remember him popping out a Christmas Collection dvd. But after he opened it, I compared the size of it to the others to find a difference.


I was still clueless on what was going on.


My brother then opened a gift. He opened one of the funny gifts of smaller size. I figured it was some sort of dvd as well.


It was really a Madden game for PS3.


I felt a chill through me. Seriously, a PS3 game? I was breathless. I was already prepared for the worst. But I wasn't prepared for good things.


Then it was my turn. I was honestly scared. I was so used to old stuff. You can't teach a dog new tricks. I am still a kid. But the same rules apply.


The first game I opened, my first playstation 3 game, was gran turismo 5. I couldn't beleive it. I had the second on on my old playstation one. But I was literally exploding with excitement.


The other game I received was a wresting game. I used to think that they were all the same. But I was soon wrong.


There was one last gift under the far depths of the tree. I already had guessed what it was due to the size: a PS3.


After the gifts were open, we started to try out our new games.


I was literally amazed. The graphics, the quality, of the games were something I never seen before. I realized why so many kids liked this now.


It has been about two or three years since then, I think. I still love my PS3 from that Christmas. I still play with my PS2 because I can't let go of the memories it had given to me.

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