Jan 02 2012
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Unclear about cloud saving

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So i borrowed a friends 60gb ps3 to play ps2 games on, along the way i played red dead redemption. I was logged onto my account, runnerXC15, before i got my ps3 back i synced trophies and copied my save to a usb. But this game i come out to find, is copy protected, my question is, If i pay for a 3 month subscription, will i be able to cloud save Red Dead Redemption, from his ps3, log on mine and save it and be able to play it? I read about the 24 hours clause thing, also will i still be able to pay the save after the 3 months is up?

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Re: Unclear about cloud saving

Jan 2, 2012

To both your queries, I'm thinking the answer is yes. Cloud saving is your data uploaded to an online storage bin. Since those files are tied to the network space, you should be able to access them again from another PlayStation 3 system once the 24 hours are up. Rendering your cloud saves unusable after your subscription is over shouldn't be a Catch-22. At leas there isn't one I've heard about, as Sony themselves have only ever said that along with free games the functions of Plus will disable once the service discontinues. That's to say if you've already accepted the move for save files from Cloud's storage, I don't think Sony is going to single out game progress you've once left in their locker. Surely, they'll cancel the ability to upload and download from the Cloud after Plus' termination period, but locking you out of your own game saves is something I don't think they'd do to their customers. It's your game data, your property after all.

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