Sep 13 2012
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Uncharted Is King!

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Uncharted series without a doubt. Why? Well because every single element in the series is polished and outstandingly perfect. The weather and particle effects, the facial anamations, anamations in general, gameplay, voice acting, EVERYTHING! I've platinumed all three games, and put hours upon hours into the multiplayer. Other than having the best (yes THE BEST) story I've ever played, these games also sport a superb multiplayer. Filled with so much DLC that you'll never get sick of the game. The multiplayer maps are all colorful, fun and unique, same thing can be said for its gameplay and modes. Overall these games have it all, and I've spent hundreds of hours playing them, and will proabably spend a few more hundred because of the pure masterpeice that this series is.

Thank You Naughty Dog and Sony!!!

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