Apr 02 2011
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Uncharted 2 Constantly Hangs

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Hello fellow forum folks - I need some help.  Details are below but the jist is my U2 game continues to hang no matter what I do.

I completed the game on Normal and was trying to go through again on Hard when it started happening.  Just about to enter Shambala, the music would loop and the game would hang going into the cut-scene.  I have deleted game data and reloaded it several times; hang still happens.  I tried starting a new game and while creating the save file, it appears to hang at 60% but then continues to 100% about 1 minute later.  The new game hangs when I am still in the museam.  I have also tried deleting my profile file (along with all save games and save data).  A new game is created much more quickly but it always hangs in the museam - right when it goes to a cut scene. 

The pattern is always the same:  1st the voices cut out, then the music starts to loop.  Sometimes parts of the scene are white/blank.  Quiting the game hangs the system and I have to manually power off.

I traded in the game and purchased another one hoping the CD was damaged but the same problem happend with the 2nd disk (it was used however).

Is there anything I can do to pinpoint where the problem lies with this?  Could it be a problem with the PS3 system or its disk?  None of my other games have ever hung or given me any problems - just Uncharted 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Uncharted 2 Constantly Hangs

Apr 2, 2011

I have tested some more with the same results.  This time, I deleted all game data and saved games and my profile.  I then disabled the network adapter so it could not look for any updates.  I ran the game on the system like it was the first time and the system had no prior knowledge of the game.  The vocals cut out during the break-in while defeating the guards and it again hung in the museum. 

It is very ironic that two different game disks with two different versions of the game software hang at the same point.  Would a format of the system's hard drive help with this situation?


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