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Re: Ultra-Slow Internet speed on the PS3

Mar 29, 2011

Yea it's cool Smiley Happy. I just don't like being told I'm wrong whether I am or not lol. I would tell you to do a traceroute, but I have no idea what the servers' ip addresses or domain names are. I would still recommend talking to charter and they might be able to contact the owners of the servers that your traffic goes through to make sure nothing is wrong. It's highly unlikely that your PS3s are the causes.

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Re: Ultra-Slow Internet speed on the PS3

Mar 29, 2011

I posted in another thread about this problem. I am not a network tech, but I am a software engineer, take it for what you will.


PS3 very slow when streaming, downloading, and signing into PSN. hulu plus is almost unsuable, netflix might work on low res with a few buffering moments, and VuDu is a nogo.

I have a 25Mbps cable connection. When hulu wil not run on the PS3, I can watch the same show, at 720p on my wireless laptop on the same network, the same distance from my router and it is perfectly fine. This holds true for all other streaming services.

Things I have done to trouble shoot:

Wired connection - Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt.

Called my ISP to see if they are somehow throttling packets coming from the PS3. The guy was clueless. This is actually my number 1 suspicion.. Again , I am not a network engineer, so i may be talking out my ass on that.

I Finally broke down and bought a new PS3, I had a ceche01 and figured it was old and had seen better days, I bought a 160gb slim. EXACT SAME ISSUE. - Okay it has to be my netowork

I had an old wrt54g. Bought a new Cisco e3000 - 160 bucks...-SAME ISSUE.

By process of elimiation, the problem is either in the PS3, or With certain ISP's.

Things I know about the problem:

There was a system update a few months back, maybe 5 months? Becuase i was not having problems before, I cant really say how things were working other than "they worked fine" . My ps3 was my media hub for hulu, netflix, and vudo as well as bluerays and mediaserving.

i remember updating the system software and later trying to watch hulu. For the longest time i was convinced my PS3 had gone bad or my ISP was having network issues. It was not until a few weeks ago I really realized there was a serious problem with SOMETHING.

However, A new PS3 and a new Router have delivered the same results as before - unsable PS3 on the internet.

Speed Testing I have done:

I hvae used speakeasy on the Ps3 browser and have had poor results, beucase everyone on this forum insists that speakeasy will not work on the browser (from a software engineering persepctive, there is absolutly nothing differnt betwween the ps3 and the PC version of that webpage. Even if the ps3 has poor java/flash performance, the results are not dependant on how fast it can render the "speedometer", it simply measures the time it takes to tranfer packets of information and then returns that result to your brower, how fast or how slow the browser is able to display that info to you matters not).

I use the vudu network test as my "benchamark". Using it on the ps3 yeilds a result of less than 1Mbps almost 90% of the time, however my laptop on the same wireless connection will cap the same  test at 9Mpbs 100% of the time

There is something wrong with either the ps3, the drivers used, a conflict with lynksys routers, or certain ISPs limiting speeds to PS3's (somehow?)


I live in WA state, and use Charter Cable. Maybe others are also on charter , we could narrow this down to an ISP or lacation

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Re: Ultra-Slow Internet speed on the PS3

Apr 1, 2011

Well, I have some additional things you may want to try.


1.  You checked for router firmware updates?

2.  You checked with your isp for Modem firmware updates?

3.  You correctly set up your network to Private, changing it from the default Public on the computer you use to control/ manage your internet (for windows users, network and sharing center, having that set to public will really limit what your network will do).

4.  You opened up the ports for the psn, or put the ps3 into a DMZ (if your router doesn't make these options easy, actually get a new one that does)

5.  Wired is better, wireless is still limited to slower speeds and must accept interference from everything from your neighbors garage door opener to the remote they use for a dvd player, to the microwave your folks are probably using right now.  Let me guess you have a cell phone next to you with the blue tooth feature actively searching to link with the do realize the DS3 controller is a blue tooth device, and that phone can interfere with the wireless signal.


1.  You should not use one of the surge protector buffers that come with many surge suppressors.

2.  What type of coaxial wire feeds your old is it, is it really thin or a patch cord?  They corrode like everything else under the right conditions, and since winter is ending hrrmm might have something to do with it. (remember chrome to chrome or gold to gold, never the two should meet)

     a.)  How many times is your line split before it comes to the modem?  Splitters do go bad.

3.  How about the main drop line from the house/ apartment to the telephone pole, is it near a tree?  I have seen many problems stem from the main line, squirrels and other woodland creatures love to use it, their sharp claws shred the insulation, how do you know, crummy picture quality & poor quality internet especially during windy or rainy weather. (cable cards for tivo have a wicked hard time sync-ing with the cable company properly.)

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