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Feb 28 2014
By: TSFRJ PlayStation MVP 5165 posts

UNIT 13 Questions

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IM not a huge shooters fan but have heard good things about Unit 13. Wanted to try it but never bought because i waswaiting for Plus. Now after about 2 years after EU plus got  it. Looks Like NA Plus members will get Unit 13. I was made to understand it is way better then Vita COD and makes for good experince for a FPS on Vita.Thankyou sony im looking foward to trying it out. Im not a FPS fan so figureif it impressesme might be worth it.


So is unit 13 worth picking up?Is Unit 13 new player and FPS softy friendly?


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Re: UNIT 13 Questions

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Feb 28, 2014

I'm locking this thread since this is only a variation of the same post that I've merged into the existing PS Plus [INFO] thread twice now.


Copying and pasting your prior post and adding a new question / title does not warrant its own thread when there's already a discussion around your prior post in a different thread. Please see the replies you have gotten, here:

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