Mar 08 2012
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Twisted Metal Downloadable Driver Skins (opinions)

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I've been a fan of Twisted Metal since the first game was released in 1995. I gotta say that the new game is awsome, especially the multiplayer (even though it needs a little work especially with the "sleepy host"). Earlier today I had sort of a "what if-ism" and wondered how awsome it would be to have characters from other playstation franchises to be drivers in multiplayer. If Uncharted 2 was able to do this Im sure that Twisted Metal can. I know this may sound stupid to most people, but I would love to see Cole from inFAMOUS in the driver seat of Sweet Tooth, while Zeke takes the gunner's seat. I know this may never happen but I think it would be cool.

My own list of Driver Packs that I would like to see:

Cole and Zeke-Infamous 1 Apparel

Cole and Zeke-Infamous 2 Apparel

Kuo and Nix-Infamous 2

Sev and Rico-Killzone 2 Apparel

Sev and Rico-Killzone 3 Apparel

Visari and Radec-Killzone 2

Stahl and Helghast Soldier-Killzone 3

Drake and Sully-Uncharted

Ive never played any Resistance Games so a pack would be nice too.

This is opininated and something I would like to see, I know that there will be vehicle downloads in the future but I never heard if any new drivers will be added.

What does everyone think of this?

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