Nov 29 2013
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Turtle Beach X11; Does it work on PS4?

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So i have bought the ps4, and i currently have turtle beach x11s, im wondering if there is anyway to connect them in a way that would allow me to talk through the party chat as well as getting in game audio?


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Re: turtle beach x11, do they work on ps4?

Nov 29, 2013

No dont think there is  but there alwasy might be a device i havent seen that does this but im not aware of 


1 x  means on turtlebeach headset stand for xbox 


i got x12  when i use to game on xbox till xbox screw me over  and i also got PX22 which mean stand for playstationand xbox 

right now got that headset hook up to my ps4 but lose game voulume in the headset unless i can find a device to make sound go through that headset or buy a new turtlebeach headset 


But like i said i dont thik there is but i always can be wrong 

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Re: turtle beach x11, do they work on ps4?

Mar 26, 2014



You'll need to route your game audio through the TV and use a product like this one


I think it's just a 3.5mm to a 2.5mm audio cable but I'm not sure

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