Jun 13 2013
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Turtle Beach Px3 compatible with PS4?

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I haven't found a post yet on this topic so ill just start one. There are a lot of people that own a PS3 Turtle Beach headset and I was just wondering if any of those head sets will be compatible with the PS4. In a recent IGN post, there was an article on the PS4 headset and on how it is a three-pole headset meaning you could use earbuds with a mic that come with  smartphones. With this in mind could you potentially use a 2 sided three prong cord and plug one end into my Turtle Beach Px3 wireless headset and the other end into my Duelshock 4 controller?

      Second,  I heard that there will be an AV out in the back of the PS4 but I don;;t know if that is confirmed or not.  With Turtle Beach Headsets (at least mine) you need to plug the reciever into the usb port in the system and plug the AV cord into the system. 

      I will be buying the PS4 at launch but I really don't want to buy another headset along with it. My headset is relatively good and I don't find in necessary for Sony to do that. Even though HD TV's are common in households, there are still some without HD TV's. There should be an AV out in my opinion. 


      Thanks for reading and let me know your opinions. 

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