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Re: Do you play for trophys or just to have fun?

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Jan 23, 2014

RSJohn7293 wrote:

jgrizzle358 wrote:

fun first, trophies second. That's just common sense. 



Not everyone feels the same way as you...Alot of people will try and complete a game even if they aren't enjoying it...

That's somewhat true since some people go out and play Hannah Montana for an easy platinum. If you do that then you know you got a problem Smiley Tongue


@Aurelia I thought Infernal mode would have been bad but it's actually a smooth ride if you have the Charge Weapon ABility. If you do, equip it on a SNiper Rifle and bosses fall down fairly quickly. Then only real bad part of infernal is the final boss but there is actually a trick to it (don't quite remember) but I know I beat the last bast very fast with a Charged-Rifle. I think there is video on youtube of how to beat the boss in Infernal and im almost sure that's how I learned to do it.

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