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Re: Triple screen PS 3

Feb 12, 2013

LW482 wrote:

Maybe, but 3 x 40 inch was all I could fit into my space. Really what I wanted to get at. If sony added another gpu to the board and a little software change. This could be possibe with any 3 tvs with 1080p resolution @ 1920x1080

And then you drive up the cost of it.... No one is going to want to pay another $600+ for a Playstation right now.


And its not as easy as "add another GPU to the board and a little software change".... Sony would have to re-engineer the PS3's hardware and the OS.

And for the PS4.... Sony is pretty much finalized the hardware design if you pay attention to rumors about a 2014 or 2015 release and developers already having development kits running full-time.

This is something that should be left to PCs

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