Jan 03 2013
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Transferring add-on content to another account

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Hi, I recently bought a couple of used games from a friend a while back. Aside from the games, he told me I could have the add-on content for the purchased games too. Since he also sold his ps3, he gave me his PSN account as well. 

I'm not sure if he got the content through redeemable codes or purchases, I simply have his account and thats it.


I want to know, is there a way to transfer his content to my PSN account or do I just have to buy the content myself?


If there is a way to do this, I would be very grateful. I know very little about online purchasing and redeemable codes and such so any information that will help me solve this issue will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Transferring add-on content to another account

Jan 3, 2013
There's no way to transfer it. Use them on his account or buy them yourself. You don't know much about online purchasing, therefore you might not know about PlayStation Plus. I HIGHLY recommend it, read up on it.
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