Feb 26 2011
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Transferring PSP Games to PS3?

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Is this possible? I am trying to find out how to transfer content on the PSP such as PSP games, Mini's, PS1 titles as well as the game saves.

I know it can easily be done using Media Go. However I have a mac. I know I can still use a virtual software to do it (I've done it before) but I read that before they even had a way to transfer and access PSP Games or even the PSN that it was all done on the PS3 at first.

I've tried clicking triangle to either view all or look for the copy on my PSP so I can send the games and game data to the PS3 but no luck. It seems it will only let me send PSP content from my PS3 to my PSP. It seems there should be a way to do this the other way around. I've tried it in Remote Play but had no luck with that.

Please if anyone knows how to sync and send PSP games, and saves to the PS3 it would be appreciated. Since my PS3 has a huge hard drive I'd rather store the games and data on the PS3 instead of my laptop.

Thank you

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Re: Transferring PSP Games to PS3?

Feb 27, 2011

Most PS3-PSP transfers only work in one direction, namely from the PS3 to the PSP.  The reverse doesn't work in most cases.  You can still do what you want, but you have to do it differently. Anything that you can download from the Playstation Store to the PSP or Media Go; can also be downloaded to the PS3. Instead of copying games from the PSP to the PS3, just download them from the Playstation Store to the PS3. They will be stored on the PS3, and you can copy them to the PSP at any time.  Game saves for Minis and PS1 Classics can be copied from the PSP to the PS3. Just connect the PSP in USB connect mode, and the go to the Minis save data folder, or PS1 Memory Card Utility.  There will be an icon in there representing the PSP. Just select the save you want, and use the Copy command in the option menu.

PSP game saves cannot be copied to the PS3 by any means, but you don't need Media Go to back up your PSP game saves to a PC.  You can just drag and drop the PSP game saves folder from the PSP to any PC, regardless of whether it is a Windows, Mac, or Linux system. You only need Media Go to handle Playstation Store content, and generate SensMe data.  The Playstation Store content part can be handled by your PS3 instead.

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