Dec 03 2011
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Transfer all PS3 info to new user and NEW PSN

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Hey guys, So, Me and my brother, had our first PS3 together, and decided to get a shared PSN.

He binged on his Call of Duty games to the point where it was pretty much his, and I was unable to do a lot of things online.

Is there anyway to transfer all my game saves, trophies and redeemed codes (exclusive DLCs) to a new PS3 user and NEW PSN.

I understand that I can use a system backup feature to transfer everything to a new PS3 with the same PSN, but can I use a different PSN?

I am also aware that some of my game saves (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood/Revelations) are copyrighted, and leave me unable to backup them or copy them. Could someone please elaborate on this?


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Re: Transfer all PS3 info to new user and NEW PSN

Dec 3, 2011

nope, sorry. you won't be able to separate your stuff from his. if you make a new account on a new ps3, *some* of the saves might be able to be put on it from a flash drive, but most will not due to locked saves, also some saves can become squirrelly if you try to use them on a different psn handle. as far as DLC and such, on the new ps3, if you make another account with the info from the original acccount, you can then re-download that stuff from the store to use on the new ps3, but this can only be done on 2 systems for future purchases, older purchases are still ok on up to 5 systems in your house.

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