Mar 05 2011
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Transaction Error.. Makes No sense.

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Here's my current scenario: I log into my Corvade account, and try to add funds to buy the Black Ops Maps. This is in Ps3, btw. My credit card info isn't accepted, just like when it happened w/ MW2 maps.

This time, I use my computer to log into PSN to add some funds. Still can't do it. I change my street address and such since I moved, and still, no dice.

Frustration has sunk in and, I resort to try to use my secondary account, and end up adding 10$ to my funds, which PROVES that my credit card works. I added only 10$ because the other options were $25, and $140. I needed roughly 17 bucks, but there wasn't an option, so I add $10 so I can add another $10. Everything goes smoothly, until it says credit card info isn't right(which is the same error my Ps3 gave me and I got on my Corvade account). It COULD be a safety precaution, but I could've been informed about that. Yes, I went back to my Billing Info and there were a bunch of X's in the Credit Card's numbers, and I edited it so that the info was correct.

Please, Help me.

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