Dec 13 2012
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To everyone who's PS3 fries.. dies... w/e

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I just put this in another thread and thought it might do good to make a new thread here. First off, to people saying games (like Black Ops 2) have made their PS3 have the YLOD.... a GAME can't DO THAT.  A GAME isnt' going to fry your power supply or w/e hardware failed.... learn a bit about electronics. The only thing I can think of that a game could be the cause of is if the devs hid a virus in the game and it was one of those nasty ones that literally kill a hard drive. lol..... seriously doubt THAT happened.....  The fact that everyone and their mother is playing Black Ops II right now just makes it a coincidence that people are thinking it's the game. I'm willing to bet alot of these consoles are FAT ones that die anyway. OR....... you have it connected wired with a ethernet cord. If that's the case a surge prolly killed it. Below is a copied review I put on a UPS battery backup I got on Amazon in the summer. Rather then writing a bobok again, I'll just paste that.... and that'll explain what I mean having it connected wired. Mine's on wifi btw (BECAUSE of what's said in the review), and never had a problem.


Granted other things can happen... like the hard drive dying. Game didnt' do that either.... hard drives just up and die sometimes.....


Review on Amazon:

I ordered 2 CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD..... I have a really old one of these
(Cyberpower as well....big, heavy tan block type... the 900 AVR 500 watts) and
it's lasted like 15 years or more. In fact last year it stopped a surge from a
lightning bolt hitting the HOUSE from blowing up this desktop pc (although the
bolt blew up EVERYTHING ELSE in the house that was on (air conditioner too). The
batteries are long since dead but it still stops surges. I've had a couple more
things get blown in smaller storms this summer...... and these are just normal
storms... I live in Miami. Nothing in our house ever got blown up from a storm
in 20 years (we used to have regular comcast cable) until we got U-verse, and
also some of our neighbors have Comcast Xfinity or Dish, and lately when a storm
blows stuff in one houuse it happens at every neighbor we have... ten houses
down or so both ways down the street. Everyone's modem blows, or even more
equipment on top of that (I'm starting to think the surges are coming through
the coaxial cable lines from the box in the front of the neighborhood or
something, and since U-verse being installed the surges are getting into the
ethernet lines too..... hence EVERYTHING blowing up last year with the bolt, not
to mention a few minor surges after the bolt hit [months at a time not right
after] kept blowing things connected to Ethernet / U-Verse in one way or
another.). So I just got two of these CP1000AVRLCD, one for my entertainment
center (tv, ps3, PS2, vcr, u-verse receiver, stereo receiver), and one for the
living room (my mom's pc & monitor & printer & speakers, the u-verse
DVR and gateway router, 40" crt TV, and vcr)..... even plugged all U-verse
coaxial cable and ethernet lines into these 2 first THEN to the
router/dvr/receiver/pc's and they're working fine. Very easy to set up, if you
know what you're doing. Have to wait for the next big storm to see how they
stand up to surges (which were possibly coming through the coaxial cable lines
from the static electricty floating around from the storms/lightning) but I have
tested the battery's power. All these things plugged in (tv, PS3, PS2, u-verse
receiver on mine are plugged into the battery, TV, U-verse DVR (U-verse's router
has it's own battery backup), PC and monitor are plugged into the battery on my
mom's Cyberpower UPS) and neither one is using more then half the load capacity
and 8-16 minutes backup time with all of it on. As long as they work as well as
my old one under my desk in stopping surges (remember.. stopped a friggin
lightning bolt from frying my desktop pc as well), these things should work VERY
well. Regular power strips / surge strips just don't cut it anymore.

only have one problem with these at the moment. The LED power light is insanely
bright. Lol I took somne blue painter's tape, cut a circle out of a strip of it
the same size as the button, then PUT that circle on another strip of tape and
cut around it, making a double layer, then stuck it over the button. Effectively
cut the brightness by about half, so now it's a soft glow and not a blinding
glare with the lights all off.

UPDATE 9/2/12: Well these things have
worked FLAWLESSLY since I got them. Huricane Issac blew by and there were a few
SHORT outtages (couple minutes), and we've had our share of power failures/blips
since I got these. Probably more then our fair share..... They havent' failed
once. Yet to have a lightning bolt hit the house again to really test them (like
my old one stopped a bolt's surge) but I honestly dont' want to test it THAT
much ever again. lmao


End Quote..


So, as you can see from the experiences in my development lately, esp at my house from a friggin lightning bolt (extreame case but still), power surges can come in on the new fiber lines / ethernet ... coax or w/e. IT can do alot more now then just making your power blip for a few seconds/minutes. This is why i WILL not hook my PS3 up wired, even with these kick arse UPS towers/surge protectors I'm not taking the risk a surge hits the ethernet cable going to the PS3. Those few times things blew after the lightning bolt...... one time a 5 sec surge blew the U-verse DVR and router in the family room. The next time it blew the HDMI ports on BOTH the u-verse receiver and my NEW sony bravia tv (the bolt killed my silver CRT from sony, one of the last ones they made b4 flatscreens.... ). And those were just smalll second/minute outtages....But since I got the UPS towers, NOTHING has happened. Still not taking a risk with the PS3 though, so it stays on Wifi.  But I'm betting alot of you who's PS3 has died either has a old FAT one, or it was hooked in wired and not wireless and a surge nailed it.


Edit: Wow I'm surprised no one's commented on this with 45 views, I expected at least someone to say I'm an idiot or something else stupid lmao

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