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Re: Tired of waiting for Cross Game Chat (1116 days and counting!)

Mar 27, 2011

Sony prmissed us a new browser for the PS3 , We did not get that, They have been talking about XGC and we still have not recieved that.

The question is, is Sony ever going to give us what we want and or Need? instead of XGC and a New browser  We did get a video editor. Somehting I do use and did ask forSmiley Happy

But they have removed a great deal as well. Some of older useres even remember the RSS feature. Heck I used that alot.

So it comes down to Does Sony Follow through on any of its promisses?

So Untill Sony does follow through, It will not be accessing any of there updates.

The unfortunate part is I won't be able to access any of of the features.

Personally I am tired of the "Hobson's Choice" when it comes to the updates such.

Goolge it if you are not sure what a "Hobson's Choice " .

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