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Re: This is ridiculous

Apr 7, 2013

this is what happens when you snooze.....

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Re: This is ridiculous

Apr 7, 2013

docshady wrote:

xClayMeow wrote:

iamcool654 wrote:

I got a message on my psn account containing a 10 dollar code for psn store and when I got it my code was already expired so I can't get my reward for being a long time customer

So what you're saying is that you didn't log into PSN for two months, yet feel entitled to a "loyalty" promo? I LOL'd

Maybe this is why you arn't employed with sony.  A good company builds loyality, and not buys it.  I personally like to support companies that go out of their way to go the extra mile for me, the consumer.  


OP, call customer service, they might be able to give you that credit.  10 bucks doesn't mean much to sony.  From the business side of things, this credit to the customer means thats 10 bucks he won't be spending on Xbox or the WiiU.

I never received the $10 promo despite clearly being way more "loyal" to Sony over the past couple months than the OP, yet I don't feel entitled to it. He shouldn't either. There was an expiration date for a reason - this isn't a customer service issue and the OP shouldn't even consider bothering CS over something that's clearly his/her own fault. They have enough real issues to deal with instead wasting time on the frivolous.

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