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This is it

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The is the story of my life as a sony boy.. 

The year was 1999.. I just graduated and was entering elementary. My dad asked if I wanted anything as a gift. 

At first I told him I wanted that Robotic dog that barks and sits (its not Aibo, the one before it). He (my dad) told me that would be a waste of opportunity. I said fine and asked him for a gameboy color (Can you believe that?) 

But a cartridge costs like P600 ($15-$20) at the time, depending on the game, and we werent that well off. Til one day we visited our cousins house and I saw them play Diablo on their PS1. Thats when I said to my dad, Can we have that? And finally he agreed. 

My first PS1 games were MGS and that japanese game where you launch bubbles to trap robots (I couldnt understand a thing, but it seemed fun) and Final Fantasy 7. The first games I became a fan of (like still following it now) were Final Fantasy 8 and Tomba. I started with Sony and never looked back.


Now I dont consider myself a smart guy but from 2001-2003 My grades went from being the highest from the batch to the above average and my dad saw this. Back then I really wanted a PS2. So my dad made a bargain. PS2 for Grades.


Needless to say I went back to the way i was before Smiley Happy)


Though I got my ps2 back in 2004, I came across it cause my cousin had it first. He played Smackdown, Here comes the pain. The first time i saw it, I. WAS. SPEECHLESS.


The graphics astounded me more than when I came across the PS3 (Playing resistance at an airport in Taiwan) for the first time. Thats the time I realized. God I am sticking to sony. Take note this was me when I was about 10 years old. 


My first games were MGS2 and LOTR the two towers. 


Now fast forward to 2011. 2nd Year College. When I realized that the PS2 was dying (But released two of my favorite games of all time Persona 4 and of course God of War 1 & 2) and there was really no way for me in getting a ps3 (two of my friends already have them and we just went to their houses whenever we wanted to play), we moved.

And when we got to the new house, my dad bought a new Bravia. AND OH MY GOD, It came with with a free PS3! 


THAT ONE I did not see coming! The first game I bought (Gotta keep the tradition here!) was MGS4. 


Now its 2012, and I saved up my allowance ($20 weekly) for about 5 months  to buy a PS VITA. My first game was (YES YOU GUESSED IT!) was the MGS HD Collection.

 So now whenever I'm outside and free, I play Project Diva f (Lessoned learned from that bubble game, I can now read Japanese HA!) on my PS VITA.

Whenever Im at home and not doing anything, I play Assassin's Creed 3 or NBA2k13 on my PS3.

And whenever I crave the nostalgia, I just pop in Persona 4 or FF10 on my PS2. Smiley Happy 

Some started their gamer life with the Atari, nes or Genesis but me? Though I played the Famicom before, I was lucky enough to start my gaming life with the first Playstation :3 

So when I start working? Guess what I'll buy with my first paycheck? Come on GUESS! Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: This is it

Nov 21, 2012

It's ok story here's a point to you.

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