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Re: There should be a "gift" option on PlayStation Store

Jun 8, 2013

Sociologamer wrote:

This sounds like a good idea to me too.  I think the Gift option would be cool for a PSN friend, though.  It's not too hard to buy someone a PSN card.  A friend did that for me for my birthday through Amazon, and Amazon gave me a link to the code that I put into PSN.  But I think it'd be really fun if, say, you and a buddy play some online game together, and you can buy him or her some downloadable content or a new map or something.  That might encourage you guys to play together more often!  Just a thought anyway...

Yea those are pretty easy to find for sale in stores. It's a good, thoughtful gift, whether you get a game for them or give them the card and get a game of their own choosing, it's still a win/win for Sony. 

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Re: There should be a "gift" option on PlayStation Store

Jun 8, 2013

magicx11 wrote:

JSiggy wrote:

CaptainAlbator wrote:

Actually you know what? That might not be a bad idea.

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all my friends would get psn games for their bday!

 lol Im you're friend, right?

I will not lie, it surprised me too.

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