Oct 14 2012
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The strangers in us.

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I walk up the hill with my friends, then turn to our neighborhood and walk up the front door, put the key in the lock, turn and step in. The house would always breathe a kind of spooky erie hello as I would set my school books down and go into the kitchen where the inevitable note was always waiting:"have a snack. Be home soon. I love you." My parents were the average lower middle class american family, working most weekdays and sometimes weekends to make ends meet. My siblings almost out of their teen years, were into that "too cool" phase to be home. And for me? Well, I was just a middle school kid. I lived in a small country town, where everyone knew everyone.  I had a normal routine usually when I got home I would have to do my chores, do my homework, and shower. But that day, that day  was different. I spent my time saving the planet with cloud, or escaping the horrors of raccon city with leon and claire with the family's room playstation. Usually, the house was empty until nightime leaving a feeling of isolation while everyone was gone, and with that we were sort of strangers in our own home. Everyone did their own thing, never having the time to see what is going on with each others lives. My parents exhausted from work, or my siblings not wanting to be around anyone. I was always hooked onto the playstation. I remember I had just gotten street fighter, and had wanted to play with someone since the game would pin you against each other. After 10 minutes of consistently begging my oldest brother, he decided to play one round with me: I ended up winning. Frustrated we kept playing until my other brother wanted to play. Being the sore losers they were, they made alot of noise. Loud enough to make my dad come out of his room and see what we were doing. My dad saw and decieded to make a spectacle out of it, rewarding whomever won with a few dollars and to us we wanted it, not because we wanted the money, but so we could rub it in each others faces. Before I knew it, everyone was in the family room watching or playing. Here I am 7 years later and we still have a tournament with each other with different games. Thank you playstation for giving me something to connect with my family, it means more to me than you could ever know. LONG LIVE PLAY!

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