Nov 22 2012
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The start of a PS gamer

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Every time someone asks me why I play on PS3, I tell them of my fond memories of the early PlayStation days. It all started in 1999, after years without a console, I decided to get into gaming casually. As a young kid I had many priorities, some that still exist to this day. So, I was looking for a gaming console that had good graphics and had a lot of games. When I went to my local gaming store I noticed a lot of people still had those old cartridges and were having problems, while other people were just buying games that came in discs. When I asked that name of the console, they all said it was the PlayStation.  I  liked what they were saying and went to look up the price, but it was too much for me.


I saved up money for a few months. I decided that not only did I want the PlayStation, but I wanted those Crash Bandicoot games that looked so fun. So, when I had enough I went and bought those games. I had many hours of fun playing alone and even taking turns playing Crash Bandicoot with my little cousin. After a while we decided to get a few co-op and split-screen versus games, and I bought a second controller. Being able to play split-screen was awesome, and we had many more hundreds of hours of fun with that and other games.


After a few years of fun I decided to move on. Was there another console with better graphics and as fun as the original PlayStation? I didn't think so. Not until I went in 2003 to my local gaming store and saw the PlayStation 2. The best days of my life were only going to get better, I thought. So late 2004, after saving money up, I went to buy my PS2. It was a huge black box, but it could play DVDs, music, and mine had the ability to play online! My first game was GTA 3. My cousin decided to buy a PS2 too and also buy GTA 3. After hours of having fun we moved on to other GTAs, and then to online multiplayer.


Free online multiplayer games brought a whole new experience. It was great knowing that the other person across and next to me were real people. Unfortunately,  I could hear people talking but I couldn't respond. So, I decided to get a headset. After that, SOCOM 2 became my most loved third person shooter for the PS2. The teamwork, the atmosphere, the rivalries, and fun was all so addicting. My cousin and I would team up online and become a two man army watching each others back. After a year or two, we moved on to other multiplayer games, but always came back to SOCOM.


So the experience that I couldn't find in other consoles is what kept me playing on PlayStation. That's why I own and play on my PS3 and  it only makes the best days of my life even better. Everyday I'm adding more and more awesome memories of playing on a PS system. The memories, rivalries, teamwork, experience, and now trophies is something I don't think can be beat.

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Re: The start of a PS gamer

Nov 22, 2012

Nice story The JLC. I hope you like mines. Smiley Happy

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