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The seed of nostalgia.

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It all started a while back, I was born in the 1996, no idea about videogames back then, I still don't remember my first gaming experience, but I will never forget my first console that my father bring me in christmas back in 2002, a mother freaking Playstation 2 with a bunch of Ps1 games and I remember clearly that the first game I put on the console was Spyro 3 Year of The Dragon, I was a very young child, so those colors, graphics, and characters were like, a new world to experience, and I think that those first experiences made a good mark on my life and defined the person that who I am today... Since then I played so many Playstation greatest hits like the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro trilogy, Crash Team Racing, Mortal Kombat 4, Tony Hawk Pro-Skater series, Mega Man X series and Mega Man 8 (My favorite one of these was Mega Man X6), and I met the best game series of my life... Rayman and Rayman 2 the Great Escape


Not only that, I never had the chance or likes to try the Final Fantasy and Resident Evil games, Metal Gear Solid neither, nor Ape Escape, any of that. But I'm truly grateful that I played so many games based on my childhood favorite cartoons and shows.


Games like SpongeBob SuperSponge, Rugrats in Paris, Rocket Power, Hugo, Tarzan, Monsters. Inc, Atlantis the Lost Empire and a big etc were the best moments ever, Do you know how gorgeous is for a child to play and move freely on the environments of his favorites shows?? No words could describe that..


Games for the Playstation 2? I can't talk to much about those gems, sadly 3 years later of enjoyment with the Ps1 games, the lent of my black beast began to fail a little, and I wasn't luckly to find Ps1 games in the stores of my hometown, but I was still having fun when the console worked a little.

Back in december 2006 a friend of my sister gave me for a time some Ps2 games, like Mortal Kombat Deception, Resident Evil 4, Onimusha 3 and GTA San Andreas, my first time playing San Andreas was just... WOW, amazing game, a huge city to do whatever you like any moment... Awesome.


When that friend ask me to give those games back, my console began to fail much more than before and I gave it to a close friend to repair the lent.. That was back in spring of 2007, and suddenly... I never heartd of my black beast again... Just NEVER.


The time passed away like a river flowing and non stoping, I was still in gaming, having fun and experiences with other consoles, friends, studying in the school and forgot about the Playstation 2 that many good moments I experienced before.


The years were still passing and in 2009 some nostalgia suddenly came to me, whatching videos on the internet about the games I played and enjoyed before, but still, my life was the same with no console of Sony..


Then in 2011 someday out of nowhere in a night I was studying for a Chemistry exam, and suddenly my beloved sister came with his boyfriend and a brown colored little cardboard box, I was asking to him "what's in that box?" And he with a smile gave it to me.. He was a good friend back then, I open the box and what I saw bring to my head some kind of shock...


Yes, it was... It was my beloved Playstation 2 and with the same aspect of the last time I saw it in 2006, it was a magical night, I didn't even slept playing, he gave games like Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Dark Cloud and Fifa 06, games that I've never played before in my lifetime (oh.. About that test of the next day? I passed it with a good score Smiley Tongue)


The rest was history, I found on the internet good Ps1 games to bought and played them like no tomorrow.


2011 was the year when I found a good offer of Metal Gear Solid Essential collection, the original of Ps1, Substance and Subsistence, OMG amazing games that I had never played before.. And so then, I played and played all type of games in 2011, the best's that I enjoyed in that time were Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 that I bought online.


Starting this new year.. I was thinking "I guess it's time for a good change."

And then in January 5th of 2012 I bought my Playstation 3 that I am still enjoying today, sadly I haven't so much money lately, but I've bought some good games like Uncharted 1 and 2, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, Shadows of the Damned, so good games, and other ones that I had change with the homies. Like Just Cause 2, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, Twisted Metal, etc.

In the summer I bought and enjoyed SO MUCH Persona 3 Fes as a Ps2 Classics.

And I played for the first time this year Um Jammer Lammy, what a funny game that I couldn't find in my childhood Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Listen to my Playstation Story, this.. Maybe a good chance.

Sep 29, 2012

good story.

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