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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 14, 2014

I hate escort quests or protecting an NPC from the bad guys. Not fun for me. 

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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 14, 2014
For me it's for not being leval 100 in trophies

But then again I would have no life lol
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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 14, 2014

Quick time events... especially when your playing a game and they just throw it out there like o **bleep** I was supposed to be doing a quick time event.

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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 14, 2014

   What annoys me the most on the devlopers end is when they use beta's for advertisement instead of feedback.Then they release a partially working game and then ask for your patience while they fix it.

    As far as players go, I can't stand when someone tries to make themselves feel better by downgrading other players.

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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

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Feb 15, 2014

LAG! Hackers/Cheaters. Campers in FPS even if they never kill me once, it just annoys me. Bad spawns.


Unbalanced characters/loadouts in any type of online game

Pay to win FTP games. These will become  very prominent on PS4

Full games released in borderline alpha stage-->(BF4)

Full super buggy games that hide behind a beta claim for years but have no problem taking your money as if it were a full game--->(Blacklight Retribution, Warframe)

Dying.... in any game. Annoys the hell outta me. Hate to lose.

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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 16, 2014

Nobody mentioned this one but I totally hate when I'm in the middle of a highly competitive online gaming session and THE PHONE RINGS or SOMEONE KNOCKS AT THE DOOR.  lol

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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 16, 2014
Whining. In my ear. About every **bleep** death. **bleep** you were outplayed quit **bleep**
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Re: The most annoying things in gaming?

Feb 16, 2014

Gaming Community:

-Ignorant people who don't do one ounce of research before making a purchase, then demand their money back because they didn't like the game.

-People who feel that they need to cuss or use racial slurs or "leet speak" in everything they do.

-Young kids playing games that they in no way, shape, or form should be playing.

-Entitled gamers who think that they deserve to get everything and shouldn't have to pay for anything.

-Impatient gamers who get **bleep** when a game is delayed and throw temper tantrums demanding the game be released now.

-Gamers who think they know everything there is about developing games and consoles.

-Gamers who can't understand that not everybody likes the same genre of games they do, and insults and attacks them.

-Gamers who don't understand that not everybody has 20 hours a day to devote to gaming and will seek out "newbs" online and prevent them from having a good time.

-Hackers/modders/cheaters who hack games and ruin the experience for honest players, and who also force the gaming companies to include DRM or online requirements due to all the gamesharing/pirating they do.

-Supporting companies that release the SAME EXACT GAME every single year leading to lack of innovation and copy-cat games.  (Cough, Call of Duty, cough-cough).

-People who post insanely immature, expletive laden posts on message boards that add nothing to an exisitng discussion(s).


Games Themselves:

-Escort missions in games.

-Tacked on multiplayer which causes the single-player mode to suffer.  (See God of War:Ascension for a beautiful example of this).

-Autosaves in place of manual savepoints.  (Again, see GoW:Ascension).

-Harder difficulties that are made harder by increasing health/damage of enemies instead of having the enemies fight smarter.

-Instant death due to very short timing windows for jumping, etc.

-Parts of games where the only way to get by is from wrought memorization instead of skill.

-Cutscenes whose only purpose is to make the length of the game longer instead of adding to the story.

-Mutliple items/weapons that are only a small bit different from each other.

-Glitches that corrupt the game so bad that you have to delete your save file and start the game completely over.

-Patches which cause more problems than they fix.

-Online trophies required for a platinum which become impossible to get once the servers are shut-off.

-"Gauntlets" where you have to fight through a large number of enemies without getting a health re-fill.

-Games where in the later levels you can only take a couple of hits before dying.  (See NES era Castlevania).

-Enemies that knock you back while you're jumping and send you into a pit.  (See NES era Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden).

-Sports games that cater to the arcade style player and not true fans.  As a result, stats and scores become obscenely higher than normal.

-Baseball games that seem to forget about weather and exclude rain-outs and resulting double-headers.

-Games that hold your hand the entire way through the game.

-Games that require you to have obtained a certain item to continue but don't tell you about that item until it's too late to obtain it.

-Games which require a constant online connection in order to play the single-player game, and the company's servers are bug-ridden or turned off.


Game Developers:

-Releasing a new iteration of the same game each and every year with little-to-no improvements/changes.

-Releasing DLC that unlocks contents already on the disc.

-Releasing DLC at a high cost that adds little to nothing to the game itself.

-Offering Season Passes for DLC and then releasing little to no DLC.

-Game of the Year editions that come out shortly after the first release of the game at the same price, but including the $50 or so of DLC that you already paid for.

-Releasing game bundles that include digital download vouchers with expiration dates.

-No longer offering physical manuals with the game discs.

-Manuals that are only one or two pages and direct you to in-game help menus. 

-"Cloud Gaming" where developers see a future where you will no longer ever own any game and will only be allowed to play games via streaming from their servers.  If said company goes out of business or decides to shut down their server, the game is 100% completely erased from existence.

-Pushing for release dates thus not allowing the games to be properly bug-tested and corrected.

-Buying IP for games and then never releasing anything else from the series or allowing anybody else to release them.

-Spamming sequels/prequels to games of poor quality and trying to profit on the name of the game series alone.

-Being unwilling to try new IPs or genres because there's a risk that it won't be a super-best-seller.

-Making every game have an online component even when it is not a game/genre that could use one.

-Releasing dozens upon dozens of FPS games and that's it.

-Focusing primarily on graphics and ignoring story.

-Ignoring highly demanded features/fixes stating that it's not in their multi-million dollar budgets.

-Obtaining exclusive rights to sports licenses.

-Including protected save files for their games.

-Having exclusive content to certain consoles in a multi-platform game.

-Failing to live up to promised expectations for games and providing no reason for why features/options were not delivered.

-Implementing obscene DRM policies that only hurt the legitimate users.

-Putting their company shareholders as a higher priority than producing good games.

-Releasing a game full of bugs and then keeping silent about whether the bugs will be patched or not.

-Ceasing support for the last iteration of a game the second the newest version of the game begins development.

-Canceling a game late in development after already advertising it and hyping it up.

-Threatening to not provide copies of games for review to companies if they give an honest, poor review.

-Bribing media outlets to obtain a good review.

-Ret-conning a series' story after a few iterations.

-Making changes (e.g. voice-actors, gameplay mechanics, etc.) where changes were not needed.

-Taking out features from subsequent releases of games that were attractive features in the previous iterations.

-Charging full price for a new super-ultra-turbo-madhouse versions of games that are barely different from the previous version.

-Outsource development of game sequels to other companies who do a poor job.

-Releasing re-makes of older classics, but not for all of the games in a series.  (See Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid).

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