Apr 12 2012
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The life I've walked with Playstation

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     I think it was 1999 When i got my first playstation it was the best feeling in the world. To be opened up to new worlds and the world of gaming was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was playing games like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Legend of Legia, and many others. Me and my brother would spend hours playing together and fighting over it hahah but it really helped us bond with the countless boss battles and many game over screens. I remember the time me and my brother were playing resident evil 3 and we were fighting nemesis and all we had was the hand gun, after countless yells and jumping out of our seats and maybe about an hour we killed him, I remember we got up and were just like "yay we did it, we are so good at this game" hahaha. Through the times i was sad or mad i could always turn on my playstation and lose myself in the unique world of the game i was playing and forget what was bothering me, I would block out my parents constant fighting and just popped in final fantasy 7 collecting all the materia i could and playing for countless hours getting a gold Choccobo so i could knights of the round good times. Being with playstation has helped me a lot but this is only the beginning of my story.


     It was probably 2003 and my parents had made a 180 and stopped fighting and started to focus on me and my brother. Me and my brother wanted the new playstation 2 so bad, from when it first came out we would ask for it for our birthdays and christmas but year after year we did not get it until christmas of 2003. We came down like any other christmas morning we opened our presents and were excited about what we got but after we had all open our prasents our parents said "hey boys look you have one more" me and my brother were so confused what could it be? Our mom pulled out a big box and 2 rectangular slim gifts and when we opened it our mouth dropped it was the new playstation 2! We couldnt believe it after all those years of wanting and wishing we finally had it! If I Remeber right we had gotten a superman game and kingdom hearts it was one of the best christmases we have ever had. For the next 3 years we played our playstation 2 as much as possible fighting heartless,slaying gods, and shooting every enemy in sight. Until our playstation 2 finally broke, thinking we would'nt have another one christmas came again and the box was addressed to be it was the new playstation 2 slim and i had gotten dead to rights and onimusha and continued the amazing journey with my playstation 2.


   When i heard the playstation 3 was coming out I was so excited but i knew i could not rely on my parents for this i had to find a way to get my own money i spent a year of selling my playstation 2, games, and accessories. It took a year but i got up enough money to by a Playstation 3 in 2009, I felt so accomplished knowing i was able to do this on my own. Here in the present (2012) I am still playing my playstation 3 I have taken down the mighty Zeus in God of War 3, Stopped the reapers in Mass Effect 3, and have completed my journey in white knight chronicals 1/2 and i cannot wait for Resident eveil 6, and Devil May Cry two of my favorite game series of all time. I have been through a lot with playstation throughout the years and and others have made sacrefices to help me on this journey.


   Throughout my time with playstation I have found out the sacrefices my parents have made to keep me on this journey, They had stopped their countless fighting and had really changed the way they acted and behaved all for me and my brother, also my dad would sell his favorite comics and movies and my mom would sell her jewlery, their music memorobilia, things that were dear to them and they would put aside the things they wanted to give me and my brother what we wanted most even if we didnt have the money they would figure it out. I have felt bad knowing what they give up just to make me happy and to give me a good life but they have always told me not to feel bad and just to be happy because they wanted and were happy to do those things for me so I thank them because without them i wouldnt have been opened to playstation and thank you playstation for the journey you have taken me on and the memories you have helped me create. Long Live Play


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