Mar 05 2012
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The complete Playstation Experience from PS1 to PSVITA

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This is my PlayStation Passion Story: (Feel free to post yours as well)
As a little kid in kindergarten, i remember that after i graduate into 1st grade, my father bought me PS1 along with Crash Bandicoot and Tekken 2. As soon as we set the system up, (note: this was my first time ever seeing a game system- forget touching) i was hypnotized in the video detailing and the game itself. I soon engulfed myself in learning every combo for every character, in the Tekken game. Looking at Tekken 6 now on the PS3- i became amazed at thier transition. Crash Bandicoot was one of my favorite adventure games. I was in love with my PS1. Life went on and i was beginning to get bored of my PS1. It was the summer after the 5th grade and on my birthday- my father presented me with the PS2. The PS2 was an all new experiece for me. It enhanced the graphics by soooo much. The game library was almost triple the size of the PS1's library. Ofcourse, traditionally, my first game on the PS2 was Tekken Tag Tournament. Then came the Ratchet and Clank series which i instantly loved. The customization was great and looking at the recent Ratchet and Clank games now- i'm really impressed. With that, my gaming addiction began. But as fast as it began- it all ended. In the 6th grade, my PS2 had broken and i had transitioned onto the PSP. It was the first portable system i had ever layed hands on. (I haven't even touched a gameboy or DS yet). The PSP was my MP3, MP4, PS2, PS1 and internet browser on the go and in most cases at home as well. The Wi-Fi and free online gameplay mix was captivating for me. From then, the gamer inside of me intensified. I left my gamer out after the 7th grade after my little-brother broke my PSP screen. I forgot all about games until the end of the 8th grade and beginning of my freshman year in Highschool. I saw a Slim PS3 in gamestop while shopping for my brother's PSP. I was left drooling while staring at the DEMO PS3. As soon as i saw it, i knew this was time for me to let my gamer out. I started with Modern Warfare 2 which instantly addicted me. Then came Resistance, Dead Nation, LittleBigPlanet, and InFamous. This was the best gamer experience i had in a long time since the days of the PS2. I became in love with everything about the PS3 from the PS Home, to the PS Store, to the beloved PS Move. I needed to a gaming sensation which would release my energy in a relaxed way. I then became and advanced gamer and began to learn code on the XNA Game Studio. I kept up with all the new Sony Updates from TV's to cameras, to consoles. My love for Sony Playstation has only increased. And as a Sophmore in High-School, my loyalty is forever with Sony as company and i look forward to getting my hands on the All-new PS Vita.

That's enough about my story: How did your PlayStation Passion Begin?

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