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*The Unofficial* PS3 Quick Fixes (YLOD fix) FAQ's/How To's

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Okay, I'm writing this in hopes of covering the common issues we PS3 users have seen, that have a quick home remedy. Also, included are some of the frequently asked question. Here's the topics I will be covering:

Quick Fixes

  • My PS3 can't connect to the PSN (or I'm having trouble downloading ____, having trouble updating ____, keep getting logged off of _____)
  • I switched from HDMI to A/V cables (composite or component) and now I don't get any video
  • My controller(s) won't connect/stay connected to my PS3
  • My Sony BD Remote doesn't work, what do I need to do?
  • I can't get BD Live to work!
  • My Downloads are REALLY slow.... (and) I can't get online with my PS3 in college (2 problems, that can be fixed the same way Smiley Very Happy)
  • My PS3 lags when I'm online (this fix is for those with one or more devices on their network used at the same time as the PS3)
  • My PS3 Games/Blu Ray movies aren't playing!
  • My Blu Ray Movies are choppy, or I don't get any video!!! (This is for HDMI users)
  • Oh no!! Yellow Light Of Death!!



  • What kind of HDD (internal) will work with my PS3?
  • Where did my HDD's space go?
  • What Printers are compatible with the PS3?
  • What do I need to connect my PS3 to my PC monitor?


On to the nitty gritty:


Quick Fixes:


My PS3 can't connect to the PSN (or I'm having trouble downloading ____, having trouble updating ____, keep getting logged off of _____)

The most common fix for this problem is to do port forwarding for your PS3 on your router. Here's how:

You will need to give your PS3 a static IP, and forward ports to your PS3. To do this follow these steps:


1. On your PC, click start, then Run

2. That'll bring up a little window, type "cmd" without "" and hit enter

3. On the black screen, type ipconfig/all

4. Write down the following information

     a. Default Gateway

     b. The first and second DNS numbers

     c. Subnet Mask


On your PS3 go to Settings --> Network Settings --> Internet Connections Settings

   Select Custom ---> Choose whether you are going to use wired or wireless ---> Choose Manual Settings ---> Choose Auto-Detect under Speed and Duplex ---> Under IP Address Setting choose manual ---> here you'll need to create an IP address for your PS3 (You'll need to check your router and see what address your router starts setting addresses for instance, linksys wrt54g's default as starting at, so you'd want to set your PS3 as or lower, only changing the last set of numbers). Input the Subnet Mask you wrote down, the Default Router is the same as the default gateway, then enter the first and second DNS numbers you wrote down. ---> Under MTU choose Automatic ---> Under proxy server choose "do not use" ---> UPNP either enable or disable, doesn't really matter (I leave mine enabled) ---> review, then hit X


Your Nat type should come up as Type 2, but if it comes up 3, don't worry, we're going to make sure that it's 2 with this next step.


Next, time to play with your router:

 Click this link:

PortForward.Com Router Selection

On the page that pops up: Select your router (listed by manufacturer, and model). Your router's model number should be on the bottom of your router.

You may wish to add ports 10070 - 10080 and 50100 as well (I always add ports as "both" under tcp/udp). If you're having problems with speceific games (or headset with games, primarily Socom games) check this Knowledge Center Article for the ports you need to forward

On the next page, select "PS3 Nat Type 3 to 2" follow the instructions (it'll ask you to input the IP address you assigned to your PS3 so that it can help you set up the port forwarding).

If forwarding doesn't work, you'll need to put your PS3 under your router's DMZ. In order to do this, follow the guide at This Link


I switched from HDMI to A/V cables (composite or component) and now I don't get any video

You need to do a video settings reset. This is actually pretty easy:
While your PS3 is in standby mode (one
red Light), press and hold the power button on the PS3 (not the PS button on the controller). You'll hear 2 beeps (with a bit of a gap in between), and your PS3 will boot up. After the second beep, let go of the power button and you should be good to go. (If this doesn't work, try it again, but hold the button until you hear a third beep, and the system shuts down. Turn it back on and you should be good to go.)


My controller(s) won't connect/stay connected to my PS3

On occasion, your controller may have problems connecting with your PS3. Don't know why, but it's pretty easy to fix most of the time. This is what you need to do:

Flip the controller over, and press the reset button. It's to the right of the middle-top screw . You'll need something like a paperclip, toothpick, or something similar to push the button. Once you've reset your controller, connect it to your PS3 with a handy USB cable, and press the PS button (just like you did when you first got the controller). Now, it is paired again, and you should be OK.

I've read that not allowing the controller to die will help prevent this, so try and keep your controller charged


If that doesn't work, another issue might be your cell phone and bluetooth headset (especially if you have the headset also connected to your PS3). Try turning off the headset, or if you use the headset on your PS3 as well as your phone, turn off your phone's bluetooth adapter. I was having this issue when I was using my Plantronics headset with my PS3 and cell phone.


My Sony BD Remote doesn't work, what do I need to do?

You need to pair the remote to your PS3 (unlike a standard (IR) remote, Bluetooth remotes have to be paired to the device you're trying to use with it). Follow this link for directions on pairing your remote.


I can't get BD Live to work!

This seems to be a new problem. To fix this, you need to do:

Under the Settings Tab on the XMB choose BD/DVD Settings ---> BD Internet Connection. Select allow.

If that doesn't fix the problem, you'll need to do the following:

Gain access to your routers menu (type in in your web browser for most Linksys routers) You'll need to look under your Security tab, under the menu titled Firewall. Uncheck the box next to Block Anonymous Internet Requests. (Try the port forwarding first, as this function is said to be the following, the quote is from the user's guide for the Linksys WRT54G wireless router: "Block Anonymous Internet Requests makes it more difficult for outside users to work their way into your network. This feature is selected by default. Deselect the feature to allow anonymous Internet requests."


My Downloads are REALLY slow.... (and) I can't get online with my PS3 in college (2 problems, that can be fixed the same way Smiley Very Happy)

There are three things you can do for speed boosts, two of which could help you get online in college (#'s 2 &3):

1)  This is more for those who have multiple devices accessing the internet on their network at the same time.

  1. On your router, under applications & gaming (if you have a linksys, if not you'll have to poke around to find this), select the QoS tab. Hopefully your PS3 is wired, if not, you may wish to wire it to your router, as this is for wired settings primarily. Select Enable.
  2. On your PS3, go to settings ---> Network Settings ---> Network Settings and Status List. You'll need the PS3's MAC address.
  3. Back under your router's QoS settings, in put PS3 as the device name, priority needs to be set as highest, and then input your MAC address.
  4. Under ethernet port priority, disable flow control on all ports

2) Get a router, and do a mac address clone. It's an option in the router (specifically for this reason). After doing that, anything coming through the router should come through as having that mac address.


3) If that doesn't work, you'll need to still use a router, but setup a proxy server... follow this guide to do that: (this was written by Moofed, and I take no credit for it)

For Windows users

Find your computer's IP address in the Control Panel -> Network Connections.  This is probably something like  If it does not start with 192.168 then you might have a public IP and this won't work (at least not easily).

  1. Download Privoxy from their website:
  2. Run the Privoxy installer.  When it is done the Privoxy window should appear.
  3. Go to the Options menu and select 'Edit Main Configuration'
  4. Find the line that says "listen-address".  Should be about halfway through the file.
  5. Replace with the computer's IP address (should start with 192.168).  The :8118 part should stay.
  6. Save and close the configuration.
  7. If you have a firewall on your computer you need to allow access to Privoxy on port 8118.
  8. On the PS3 open the network configuration settings.  When it asks if you want to use a proxy say yes and enter your computer's IP address and port 8118.
  9. Make sure the conenction test works and we're done!  See if your speeds are faster and let us know the results.

I don't know what effect this will have on online games, I have not tried any yet.  YMMV.  (Again thanks to Moofed for this Smiley Very Happy)


If you are using Vista, and can't get Privoxy to work, try CCProxy (Thanks to dddonly for the recommendation, I tried it myself and it works Smiley Very Happy). Follow these steps to get it to work (You may need to do more, but it has a help file, that's how I figured it out):

  1. Download/install the program (easy part Smiley Very Happy)
  2. Start the Proxy server
  3. On your PS3 go through the same setup as for Privoxy, only use port 808


The first should fix the problem, if it doesn't, the second will. Internet connection sharing just sets up a throughput for the internet for the other device, it still uses it's own mac address. By setting up a proxy server, you are connecting to that computer, and then the computer connects to the internet for the device (it's all kinda confusing).


My PS3 lags when I'm online (this fix is for those with one or more devices on their network used at the same time as the PS3)  (Yes, I know this is fix in two places, I did that intentionally)

Since everyone uses different routers, I'm going to put this in pretty general terms. 3 easy steps on this one


  1. On your PS3 go under settings ---> network settings ---> Settings and Connection Status List. Write down the MAC address
  2. Get into your router. Under Applications and Gaming --> QOS select enable.
  3. Look for device priority. Under device name put PS3. Priority needs to be set to Highest, then put in the MAC address.

Your PS3 now has priority over everything else on the network, and should reduce your lag


My PS3 Games/Blu Ray movies aren't playing!

Here are a few things to try before sending your PS3 in for repairs from Sony, the first two are Free , though you may want to try #3 Before #2, if you can't backup all your game saves:

  1. Update your firmware (if you aren't running the latest already). Yup, this overwrites some of system software that may have been corrupted.
  2. First, back up your game saves, and any music you have on your HDD. Format that puppy!! Yup, again this fixes corrupted files on the HDD by forcing the PS3 to rewrite them.
  3. Blu Ray Lens Cleaner

Sadly if these don't work, you will need to give Sony a call, and have that coffin mailed your way.


My Blu Ray Movies are choppy, or I don't get any video!!! (This is for HDMI users)

Here's a pesky one, another one of those fixes that takes care of 2 problems at times. I had actually forgotten about this, until I saw a post by Maverick10. He'd noticed the choppy play, whereas I had an issue with no video while on vacation. So, follow these steps to fix these issues:

On the XMB go to Settings ---> BD/DVD Settings ---> BD 1080p 24 Hz Output (HDMI). Turn that bad boy off.

I don't know why this causes choppy video, but I do know why you may not have video. This forces 1080p play on videos recorded at 24 Hz, and if you don't have a 1080p TV, there won't be any video. Again, thanks to Maverick10 for the info I had forgotten, and for the issue I had not been aware of.


Oh no!! Yellow Light Of Death!!

This fix is not gauranteed to work, as it only deals with Hard Drive issues. I saw a poster who did this to fix his PS3 when he got the YLOD, and did some research to find out why this would work before I posted this fix. I'll explain why this could work, after I tell you how to do the fix.

Since your PS3 is going to get formatted anyway, you might aw well try this:


  1. Pull out your hard drive from your PS3
  2. Connect the hard drive to your PC
  3. Do a FULL format, not a quick one (a quick format just formats the boot section and root directory of the hard drive, and not the data on the hard drive. We want the hard drive blanked out). Make sure to do it in FAT32 (if you can). To format the HDD you'll need to go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management. This has an older windows feel to it, but on the left hand side you'll see Storage, under that (you may have to click and expand it) you'll see Disk Management. Click on that, in the middle window will come up the hard drives. You should see it there (It'll likely have a series of letters, followed by numbers). You may not be able to format it into FAT32 format with it being such a large disk drive (windows doesn't like giving you any non-MS file format for large disks). But doing a NTFS format should work. There are a few programs that will allow you to format it into FAT32 if you can't with that program.
  4. Put the hard drive back in the PS3 (be ready with a USB thumbdrive with the system software on it, follow this link to learn how to set it up).
  5. Hopefully, your PS3 will boot up, and prompt you to install the software on to the hard drive
  6. Time to download all your stuff again (hoepfully you haven't purchased any movies, as you can't redownload them). Then, back to gaming


The reason this could work is actually pretty simple. If a part of the boot sector/root directory (the sections on the hard drive that tell the PS3 how to start up, and where things are on the hard drive) were corrupted so that the PS3 couldn't properly boot up, or couldn't find what it needed on the hard drive, it could give off a "hardware malfunction" error, aka Yellow Light (of Death). By formating the hard drive, you remove that bad code on the hard drive, and start over. The PS3 doesn't detect any hardware error (cause it's gone) and starts over.

Two alternate ways to see if it's the hardrive:

  1. If you have upgraded your hard drive (especially if it's been very recent) try putting in the hard drive that came with your PS3 (hopefully you didn't toss it). If the PS3 boots up, then the issue is with the upgraded hard drive. New electronics sometimes have bugs that basic testing can't find, sometimes we have to find that out by plugging them in, I've built/rebuilt/upgraded many computers, and I've had to exchange parts on more than one occasion. Sometimes they are defective. If this is the case with your hard drive, and you are within the exchange or warranty period, take that bad boy in and get it replaced! If you figure "I'm within the warranty period, I can just send it in to Sony!" and you take out your hard drive, put in the old one (and don't test it), and send it in to them. They'll send you a nice refurbished system (or you may get yours back, as they may find nothing wrong), only to put in your upgraded hard drive and have the issue all over again, you'll be cursing Sony (likely on these forums) for THEM getting it wrong. If you don't even bother taking out the upgraded hard drive, and just send in your system with it in, they'll take it out, and toss it (or take it home if they can fix it), and no, they won't replace it with an equivalent. They'll replace it with a stock hard drive, meant for that model (or you may get a refurb, and they'll send your baby off to someone else when they send in their system).
  2. If you have a spare hard drive that will fit your PS3 (see the first FAQ for more info) you could put it in the PS3 (it should format it for you, but you might as well put it in FAT32 first, or at least make sure nothing is on it). If it boots up and asks for system software, then you have a hard drive issue, use the fix above. Another user I spoke to had purchased a hard drive, and it crashed on him, giving him the YLOD (sorry, didn't put 2 + 2 together then). He put in his original PS3 HDD, and voila! YLOD was gone.

I hope this helps some of you YLOD sufferers. If this doesn't fix your issue however, you could have a power supply (wish sony had but that in a brick outside of the unit, easier to replace) or other problem with your hardware. It's time to contact Sony.

Note: Sorry to the posters who had stated this fix, I couldn't find your threads to give you credit. If you wish to PM me, I will add your name as contributing this fix.




What kind of HDD (internal) will work with my PS3?

You'll need a 2.5" SATA HDD no thicker than 9.5mm. Then follow the instructions in the manual (or available online here) to see how to do it. You will also need to format and reinstall the PS3's system software, follow this link to learn how.


Where did my HDD's space go?

Ok so here's an issue that people face. They install a new HDD in their PS3, we'll say a 500gb for ease (you'll understand in a minute), only to find that they don't have 500gb's available, they have 465gb. Why is this, well it all has to do with math, and the difference in the way that manufacturer's calculate hard drive space (decimal), and the way that computers do it (binary).


With manufacturers, they calculate a gigabyte as 1,000,000,000 (One billion) bytes (1000 bytes is a kilobyte, 1000 kilobytes is a megabyte, 1000 megabytes is a gigabyte). This is decimal (or sometimes called metric) measurement. A computer however, uses binary. In binary, a gigabyte is  1,073,741,824 (One billion, Seventy-three million, Seven hundred fourty-one thousand, eight hundred twenty-four) bytes (1024 bytes is a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes is a megabyte, and 1024 megabytes is a gigabyte). So what we'd call a 1gb hdd (or thumbdrive) is actually less than a gigabyte (by about 73.75 megabytes). Doesn't sound like a big deal right? Well now lets look at our "500"gb hdd:


The manufacturer made an HDD that's 500gb (500,000,000,000 bytes). You put that in your computer, or PS3, and it looks at it in binary code, which I'll break down this way,  500,000,000,000 bytes is (removing everything past the decimal point): 488,281,250 kilobytes or; 476,837 megabytes or; 465 gigabytes. So, our PS3's see it as 465gbs.


"But," you say "my PS3 says I only have 418gb free, and I haven't installed anything" well, that's because the PS3 takes 10% (46.5gb) of the hard drive for itself. The percentage is fixed, so no matter what size your hard drive is, it will always take 10%. "But" you say "according to your math I have 418.5gb's but it only says 418gb why's that?" That's simple, the PS3 views the hard drive in whole numbers, and therefore cuts anything after the decimal point off, so 418.5gb becomes 418gb . So that's where your space goes. Hope this helps.


What Printers are compatible with the PS3?

Follow these links to see which Epson (for Canadian Users), Canon (for Canadian Users), and HP printers (Finally HP lists compatibility, and instructions on how to connect!) are compatible with the PS3.


What do I need to connect my PS3 to my PC monitor?

This all depends on the connections your monitor has. If it has an HDMI input, you can use that for video and audio. If it doesn't, you'll need something like this:

For DVI you'll need an HDMI to DVI cable like this one

No DVI? You'll need an HDMI to VGA cable (this is the only one I've found, but it's $120), a multi-a/v to VGA cable (here for $31.95, or here for $39.90. The second one looks a little more advanced), or a converter box ($59.95) or this converter box ($49.90) (I haven't tested any of these devices, I use HDMI for my PC monitor...)

If your Monitor has build in speakers, you'll need this cable . Don't have built in speakers? Then you'll need a coupler like this one , then plug your headphones, or speakers into the coupler. Alternately, you can just plug the a/v cables into a stereo, or a set of speakers that accept RCA connections (or even optical audio). Either way, if you're using the RCA (A/V) cables, you'll need to set your PS3 to output to SCART. THis is done under Audio Settings --> Audio Output.





If you have any quick fixes or FAQs you know of, please post them and I'll update my post . Please note, unless the information comes from a link that goes to an official Sony/Playstation site, all information has been gathered by Playstation users (including myself) and is in no way an official fix from Sony/Playstation. The port forwarding, however, is what we are told to do by Sony/Playstation, I just broke it down in a manner which helps those who don't know how to do such operations. This thread isn't meant to argue what cables, HDD's, controllers, etc are better. The product links I've provided were meant as examples, and come by way of recommendations in other threads by forum users who use the cables. I hope this information helps

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Re: ***The Unnoficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
I always have problems with my controller staying connected. I had no idea it had a reset button, thanks for the info.
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Re: ***The Unnoficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
You write all that yourself? It's good.

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Re: ***The Unnoficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
Should be quite useful to some people.
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Re: ***The Unnoficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
Cool, thanks!
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Re: ***The Unofficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
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Re: ***The Unofficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
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Re: ***The Unofficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
not trying to pour salt in the wound but, some of your topics are already covered in the PLAYSTATION®3 Forum Information Center

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Re: ***The Unofficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008
Thank you.
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Re: ***The Unofficial*** PS3 Quick Fixes & FAQ

Sep 3, 2008

offdah3z wrote:
not trying to pour salt in the wound but, some of your topics are already covered in the PLAYSTATION®3 Forum Information Center


Some yes. I was seeking to put together a nice composition of the most common issues, in an easy to read, easy to follow manner. Who knows, maybe this thread with end up added to the links there . And yes, I know most of this has been on the forums before, again, I was just trying to put it together to help out our fellow PS3 users.

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