Jan 30 2014
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The Ultimate List of RPG's for PS4

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Hello everyone,


I created a huge list of all the RPG's that are coming out for PlayStation 4 currently. Role-playing games are my favorite type of genre to play. From Final Fantasy 7 and Xenosga to Lost Odyssey and DC Universe online.  


So if you're like me and own a PS4, then you have to be wondering what are all the RPG's that are coming to PS4. You'd be surprised at the amount. So far on the list there are 23 games. Some of them are Kickstarter games, some indie, and some AAA titles. There were quite a few I didn't even know about.


Anyways, it took me awhile to compile this list. So I hope you enjoy it. Just follow the link above to be taken to the page. 






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Re: The Ultimate List of RPG's for PS4

Jan 31, 2014

Great list and im in desperate need of RPG'S

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