Aug 30 2011
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The Tester Season 3 - Auditions and Voting Are Open

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Hey everyone,

We're excited to be bringing you the best season of The Tester with Season 3 starting in early 2012. This season is going to be different in that the grand prize won't just be testing games here at PlayStation, but he or she will be directly involved with the development of a to be announced PlayStation exclusive developed by the team at Sony's Santa Monica studio!


We're in the middle of our community voting process now. You can still submit your own profile to be voted on by the community and hopefully make it to the next round; or you can submit your profile in hopes that you'll catch our producer's eyes. If you're not feeling up to submitting a profile to be considered for Season 3, you can still get involved by heading to and voting on who you're favorite submission is. These votes will determine one of the lucky cast members for the next season so your vote matters!

Drop any questions or comments in this thread, and we look forward to seeing a bunch of awesome submissions and votes! Here's the timeline for the voting period:

Wednesday, August 24Round 1 Voting Begins
Friday, September 16Casting Closes/Round 1 Voting Ends
Saturday, September 17Round 2/Top 100 Voting Begins
Friday, September 30Top 100 Voting Ends
Tuesday, October 4Top 20 Final Round Voting Begins
Tuesday, October 18Top 20 Final Round Voting Ends
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