Nov 29 2012
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The Playstation Connection

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Three years ago I got my PS3 and it opened me up to a world of online gaming. Sure this world was filled with many people who's words would be considered hate speech if it was to be spoken in public but then you find those people that don't talk like that and are respectful to other gamers. Two months into my online gaming life I found two people in my geometry class that had PS3, which surprised me since it wasn't the "popular" console at the time. We played Nazi Zombies on CoD Black Ops for hours everyday and eventually the three of became best friends. Now we know each other better than we would have if we did not have PS3s and we might not have even met at all. Without them and Playstation I don't know where I would be right now. We have been playing ever since and will continue to play for console generations to come.

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