Nov 29 2012
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The PS3 legacy

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 On Christmas the year the PS3 launched, I opened up the biggest gift under the tree savagely and set up my PS3 delicately. I woke up to a brand new chapter of gaming with my first generation 60 gigabyte PS3. The first stellar game I played was Resistance Fall Of Man. As I started mowing down chimera, I loved the graphics and was amazed at the frame rate and how impressive the enemy AI. Was. After unlocking the bullseye among some other original weapons only in Insomniac games, I went online.

The playstation store had demos, games, and really cool game videos and trailers. I downloaded everything from E3 specials, to Q.O.R.E., playstation one classics like crash bandicoot, and DLC. THe first playstation network network exclusive I bought was flower. It used the six axis motion controller to a degree no other game had done before. The beautifully rendered world of nature and it's battle with urban sprawl triggered an emotional experience with me and playstation. I Loved searching for all the hidden flowers in each level and unlocking all the trophies even after I beat the 6 levels. Games weren't the only thing I found on the Playstation store. The tester was also released and continued to fan the flames of my playstation love. Watching Playstation give several random gamers a chance to work for Playstation felt more like a connection than any other console manufacturer had made with its fans. As I watched Cyrus win, I couldn't help but hope to one day be on the show myself when I turned 21 (next June *Ahem). Not only did Playstation give me awesome online media content, but free online play. I spend countless hours tagging and detonating rounds in other players online in Resistance 1 + 3.

As the years went by, more exclusives were released on the PS3. God of War 3 now stands as one of my all time favorite games ever, beating Zelda. Then Resistance 2 and 3 were released even later which I covet as one of my favorite FPS games ever, even over Halo. I missed the days of Sly Cooper and Jak + Daxter as well until Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch entered the game space on the latest generation of consoles. Infamous kept me playing until the early hours of the morning to not only to see what upgradeable powers I could unlock, but to see how the story played out. Naughty Dog released Uncharted which also gave me the opportunity to explore amazing ruins and get caught up in a plot all its own. Not only did these developers make new I.P.s, they remade their PS2 classics. I loved playing the god of war collection (1 + 2) in HD and with new trophy support and I also had the chance to relive Sly Coopers stealing and Platforming with the Sly Collection. 

I can't forget about titles only possible on the PS3. LittlebigPlanet 1 + 2 provided me and my little brother hours of fun creating and fine tuning each levels while competing and customizing our own personal sackboy thanks to the multiple profile system on the PS3. Heavy Rain moved me as well and I enjoyed the interactivity of that compelling drama. I recently preordered and bought Playstation All Stars on it's release day. This game I play by far the most. I am in college studying Biology but once a week I make time to play All Stars with my friends for hours. I have mastered Kratos, Raiden, Sackboy, and Sly Cooper. I just can't get enough. As this generation of consoles comes to a close (Wii U), I am not sad. I do not plan on buying a PS4 anytime soon. The PS3 has yet to be pushed to its capacity. I will however upgrade to the new Slim 500 Gigabyte PS3 with Assassin's Creed 3 bundle. I travel and the original PS3 is bulky and heavy. I may lose backwards compatibility, but my 60 Gigabytes are drying up. I could use the increased hard drive space for games, music, and all the awesome media and demos I love from the Playstation store. I do however, plan on buying a Vita. I enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts PSP but I want to enter the new chapter of mobile gaming with two analog sticks, a touch screen, rear touch pad, and more on the most impressive handheld to date. I also can't wait to take All Star Battle Royale anywhere I wish. As for my PS2 collection, I will gladly a new PS2 slim.

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