May 31 2015
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The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

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If there is going to be a Sequel to The Order 1886, those changes need to happen:



Black bars should be optional, it's a game not a movie. If I take a cover

I want to be able to see what's happening behind it. It's as simple as that.



Character movement restrictions should disappear. You should be able

to choose when to run, to stealth, to walk or to take a cover at any given time.

Dont dictate the player how to play the game.

Look at The Last of Us from Naughty Dog, that's how it's done right.



Auto cover function aka "sticky back" should also disappear from the game.

It's annoying!



Instead add "quick turn".



Ability to acces my inventory at any given time. Why would you restrict

me from checking my inventory?!



Don't take my guns away. There are situations where you are forced to

use for example sniper riffle? That would be ok, only if my previous

gun wouldn't suddenly disappear.



Don't make interacive objects with shiny reflections, like guns on the

ground, with cheap reflections running acros them. It takes away from

the immersion, ruins the atmosphere.



Most important thing: how cutscenes are melted into the gameplay is

annoying. Don't do them like this: 5 seconds is gameplay, 5 seconds is

cut scene, repeat.

Because there are those awkward pauses where your character is kind

of preparing to end his movement at the end of every cutscene.

Such transitions are annoying.

And because there are a lot of such transitions you aren't sure when to

start moving your character. Better, you group all small cutscenes together.

I hope you understand what I mean.



Drink potion faster and no QTE for it. Again it is annoying. There is nothing

better than lying on the ground while enemy is shooting at you, and you

can't do s**t because you are busy with potion drinking. That's fun!

PS: if you are playing on Hard difficulty those potions are pretty useless

because as soon as you hit the ground after beeing hit, there is no time

for QTE to recover.



Non lethal kills. Give us the ability to just stun the enemy.

There are times where you have to kill guards just because they

are in the way. Why?



Ability to listen to the tapes on the go. To be able to press play while you

are running around.

Because otherwise nobody cares. Only small amount of players will go

to the menu and listen to them there. And this tapes should contain

somehow useful information.



Bring the interaction to the world. The world as it is, looks dull and sterile.

There is nothing you can interact with but those goddamn photos and

frying pans. Make levels more destructible. More room to explore.

More collectables, which will tell you more about the story.



Away with "heavy breathing". It is annoying as hell. Especially at the

beginning of the game.



Fights with small werewolves, which are running like dogs, aren't fun

at all, there is no variety to the gameplay. And overall, every encounter

with them feels "copy paste".


Bossfights are a joke. Give them freedom to move, give them AI.

They should be scary, but they are not.

Guy with a gun is scarier than a werewolf, that's not right.

Or do better job at QTE, more variety, more movement.

Take a look at God of War as an example.



As many players noticed, game is a bit short.

It would not hurt to make a sequel longer.



Improve the AI of enemies. It isn't bad, just that it could be better.

It does not look right when some guy is standing there and shooting

all the time, it's weird. All the ammunition wasting? Smiley Happy



Bring customisation to the guns. It would be awesome to modify

your guns in Tesla's laboratory.

This will add greatly to the wariety of the gameplay.



Instant death QTE, really? REALLYYYY?


I really hope someone from "Ready at Dawn" will come across

this list and will consider at least some of those suggestions.

What you guys, gals think about this list, do you agree, disagree?

Do you have any other suggestions?

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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

Jun 6, 2015
Co-op would be a welcomed addition.
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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

Jun 15, 2015
@Backpackerrr co-op? uh, NO? Its overrated. It's fudging fine the way it is. Keep it single. The graphics wouldn't handle it. Ya, it needed a bit of tweeting in game play, but, it should be left alone for the most part. It's beautiful.
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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

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Jun 29, 2015

I like the idea of a quick turn button and I think they should make drinking the black water quicker, too.  I also think the floor space during the setpiece battles needs to be bigger.  Those detonators later on in the game, they are just too hard to dodge consistently when you have little space to move, same with the common werewolves, too.  I suppose that is a problem that could only be fixed if the sequel (big assumption there) is set in the colonies where it would make sense to have open spaces.

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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

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Jul 1, 2015

Well I just finally got around to playing this game and I have to say, it wasn't fun. They took away all player control to focus on the narrative. If the character would walk in that scene, then we have to walk. If he'd run, then we can run. If he'd use a certain gun, then we have to use that gun (we only get to play with the fun stuff when they say). If he'd murder a security guard, then we have to murder that guard. Even puzzle solving was removed and replaced with your AI partners just telling you what to move and where it goes. Exploration is a big no-no in this game, as your character has narrative directing his every action. I never felt like I had any say in what was happening. 


That said, I want to know more about this world, the characters and to see what happens next. So despite not enjoying the first one, I want a sequel and especially one that has the changes you listed. I have a few notes to add to some of your suggestions:


1) Removing the black bars would certainly call for a graphical downgrade as it'd have more pixels to render. Making it swapable would either require graphical downgrade for both or improved fidelity for those who leave the bars on, which could be more trouble then it's worth.


4) Quick turn and a general increase in pacing during the action scenes would call for a graphical downgrade. To me, this is a must, so downgrade the crap out of the graphics if you have to to give me more freedom.


7) The shiny interactive objects didn't bother me at all. I found it helpful in such dense settings.


14) These warehouse warewolf fights were an absolute lowpoint for the game. They should be scray. I mean they're **bleep**ing werewolves for christ sake but instead you just stand in a corner, press x when they get close (if you miss, it's not a big deal, since there's no real cosequence to them attacking you as they give you plenty of time to auto heal between attacks) and then shoot. It's just downright boring and I feels like no thought was put into it at all. 


16) The length of the game did not bother me. I feel like the lack of story resoultion and discouraging exploration is what made if feel short (if people were customising weapons and searching more open levels for hidden treasures you'd add hours to the play time). To me, the underwhelming gameplay made if feel long.


So all in all, they'll definitly have to sacrifice some graphical fidelity to get this game to feel right. I want to explore for treasures, I want to customise my weapons and I want to decide how I make it through a level (stealth or guns blazing). Give me that and I'll definitly be on board for some more of The Order.

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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

Aug 24, 2015

We won't get a sequel.  Pretty sure RAD split ways with SONY even though this flawed game sold pretty well.  


I'd say it's a weird combination of needing a lot of changes but at the same time not large ones.  Needs to explain far more about the story and be far more open in terms of map size and gameplay.  

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Re: The Order 1886's Sequel. Suggestions for improvements.

Dec 18, 2015
I agree with all the above. In addition to these, i think multiple endings based on dialogue choices could be good, it would certainly make the cutscenes more tolerable and add replay value to the game. I love playing these kind of games through a second time to make all the bad decisions haha
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