Aug 21 2014
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The Order 1886 or 1887 Melee System Suggestion

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Hello RAD,


I am huge fan of your work and I am so looking forward to The Order 1886. I am fine with what I have seen so for. The setting is excellent and the gun play looks outstanding.

If there is one thing that I would like added to your 3rd person shooter, it's a compelling melee system. I have always wanted a system where you can block and grab and then punch or kick and when they get down to a certain amount of health by showing a certain color you then grab them and can press any, ANY button on the DS4 controller for the finishing move. You could create and add 15 finishing moves excluding the Options and Share buttons.  You could also create some button combonation moves that allow you to get to the finish move color point.  It doesn't have to be just punch and kick over and over to get their health down to the finishing move color point.

An example of some Finishing Moves for instance:
1) A brutal head butt
2) Gun shot under the chin
3) Broken arm
4) Buckling side kick to the knee
5) Brutal neck break
6) Neck break by grabbing them, turning around so both of your backs are touching with one of your arms around the enemies neck and then breaking the neck by wrenching it with your shoulder while falling down to your butt or one knee
7) Some sort of poison (Green Water instead of Black Water) you stuff in their mouth and as it quickly reacts they completely transform into a bubbly mess that infects other enemies in the near vicinity killing them all. Or just one other enemy, this could be OP.  You could make The Order immune to it's properties in the story explanation.
8) Kick to the stomach and then an upper cut finish
9) Flip them over your shoulder and once they are on the ground come down with an elbow to the throat or a stomping boot to the face
10) Beat down like Batman Arkham!!!
11) Knee to the stomach followed by an Electrical Gun finish to the face
12) Head butt and then dual dagger stabbing on each side of the neck or a sword impaling!
13) Grab enemy and roll backward so Sir Galahad ends up on top of the enemy followed by 5 brutal punches to the face
14. Throw beaten opponent into other enemies. You have to start the finishing move with another enemy directly behind you
15. Eye gouge!

That's just a rudimentary list that I am sure given more thought they could come up with some awesome ideas. Perhaps there are more weapons that aren't being shown that you could use. Maybe a grenade stuff down the pants, push and pull the pin finishing move. My whole point is that each melee kill would never, NEVER get boring with 15 or more different choices. You could also let us choose our finishing moves in the Options menu and release more Finishing Moves for free or a small charge via DLC! I am not kidding, this would make the games replayability extremely HIGH! If not for The Order 1886 then how about The Order 1887!  


Again, I am a huge fan and love the game the way it is and will buy it day one.  I just wanted to give you some ideas for the future.  Thanks for your time!

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