Mar 15 2013
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The New Forums: Take The Poll!

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 Hey everyone, 


NOTE: I fixed the links in the poll on this thread; thanks to those who pointed that out! 


You've probably noticed that the PlayStation Forums look a bit different these days. As part of an ongoing effort to create a fantastic destination for PlayStation gamers, we have moved some things around, made some changes to the visuals, and a few other changes under the hood. 


In addition to the Official Forum feedback thread ( we'd love for you to take the poll. Either follow the link below, or find the same links under the announcements on the right side of many of the main forum areas hosting threads. Your feedback matters a ton, so make your voice heard! 


Finally, I'm blocking replies to this thread here so you know to voice your thoughts on the PlayStation Forums in the designated thread: . It helps us out a lot to hear you guys when everything is one place. Thanks! 

- morgan haro, SCEA PlayStation Community Management Team

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