Jun 10 2014
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The Last of Us Remastered Trailer - Real-Time Cutscenes?

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Anyone notice how the cutscenes in PS3 version, despite packing a lot of anti-aliasing, looks compressed and blurry? 

But when SONY revealed the new TLOU Remastered trailer at 1080p and 60FPS it does not look like FMV cutscenes anymore, it looks like real time!


Here is a High quality version of the trailer at 1080p 60FPS. You do need a deent PC and Google Chrome to play it properly:


Many of the scenes are cutscenes from the PS3 version, but whats different is that it does not (or barely) have any compression, looks very sharp, and fluid animation. it could be real-time do you think? There are short gameplay footages - it looks and run so fluid that I can not longer tell if it is a cutscene or gameplay segment.


One thing I want to say , cutscenes usually have anti-aliasing and better assets, but in this trailer I see a little bit of aliasing and small graphical flaws. But I prefer real-time cutscenes with aliasing over compressed, blurry cutscenes with anti-aliasing - no matter how good it looks I do not like watching a compressed video. 


If Remastered is not using FMV cutscenes then this is another technological advancement for gaming. Down with fake cutscenes!


What do you think? 

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