Nov 07 2012
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That first day

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The holiday season is coming and i'm feeling a bit inspired, so i think i will try something different:

It was a magical night
24 of December of nineteen ninety nine
Spending Christmas on my aunt's house
Seating near the tree wanting about

Finally the time had came
I opened the box with my name
There i found my playstation
and so i felt that good sensation

I plugged it in the television
But i had to make a decision
Spyro or Colin Mcrae
I had to choose which game to play

I ended up playing both games anyway
and both games made me feel away
Transported to a place out of this world
Where imagination and creativity twirled


From playing horror games all night
To playing multiplayer all day
Or even using action replay :smileysurprised:

From then on no matter the situation
I always want to play my playstation
With my friends or by myself
I will beat every game on my shelf 

So with every new release
My excitement won't decrease
Because i love those consoles and i won't lie
I will be playstation until the day i die

So that's my story, that first day playing that console will always be my favorite childhood memory,
and each time i remember it, it's always a bit more magical. And i know this may sound kinda corny, but it's all true :smileyhappy: 


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