Nov 20 2012
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      Writing my heart out about the long wait for Counter-Strike, buying a Playstation 3 and sending it states away to my best friend, or even how Playstation Plus has revolutionized the Playstation Network. With my heart getting tuckered out and slowly running out of things to write about. Once everyone arrived at my door for Thanksgiving this year, I realized that has changed since my Thanksgiving has become another unforgettable Playstation Story. Not only for me as well as my family too.

        When we stop and think we might notice Thanksgiving has changed over our lifetime and the lifetimes of our parents. The faces that no longer grace our tables, fond family stories of Thanksgiving pasts, favorite recipes we once shared each year. For many of us Thanksgiving usually includes feasting on amazing food, football, and family reunions. That’s how it was for me as a child anyways, with more then twenty plus people under one roof for memorable Thanksgivings. Over the years I have had to move states away and my Thanksgiving for the past years has become dull and boring, just another day of the year. Unfortunately another holiday with no family but this year has started Thanksgiving very different for me.

        Already having more then five of my family members staying at my house for this years Thanksgiving on Thursday. It only took me about ten minutes once everyone got to my front door to figure out everyone brought there televisions. Wondering why my cousins couldn't deal with the two TV's I had, I had to ask why they brought there own. To find out four of my cousins decided to bring there Playstations with them and there TV's since Black Ops 2 came out roughly a week ago and I guess they have been hooked since. Not even knowing that my fiance and I had our own Playstations along with our own copies of Black Ops 2 Thanksgiving just became pushed to a new level of gaming for me and my family. Five TV's in one room all playing on there Playstations was not how I foreseen my Thanksgiving this year. The past two day has been non-stop gaming with my fiance and my cousins, side by side playing everything we can.


       Getting on the Tranzit, escaping the infected to just playing some good old Team Deathmatch. Making treasured holiday memories with my loved ones, these days before Thanksgiving have become priceless. Saying all that Playstation has made this years Thanksgiving for all six of us extraordinary, a non-stopping rollercoaster with playing Black Ops 2. Days get closer to Thanksgiving and waiting for the mouth watering food, but I don’t want this to stop. Without Playstation none of this would be happening so that’s my more recent Playstation Story. Thank you Playstation for uniting my family on Thanksgiving a way I didn’t even expect.



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