Feb 27 2013
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Thank you so much Sony!

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For making me feel like you do NOT appreciate me.  I see people that do not even own a PS3 getting the $10 appreciation voucher.  I have 3 PS3 consoles, 2 PS Vita consoles, over 150 PS3 games, and 32 PS Vita Games.  I am a level 27 and a PS+ member since day 1.  I participated in the Rewards program, and have been loyal since the PS1.


It is not about the **bleep** $10.  It about not being acknowledged by Sony.  Thanks a bunch!
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Re: Thank you so much Sony!

Feb 27, 2013

Sorry to hear you didnt get you 10.


However there is a thread dedicated to this subject.


I got my 10 but my little nephew who is a sub account didnt get it and he spends more money than I do.


Its really hard to know the factors they took in distributing them.


Maybe at random? who knows but trust me your not the only one.

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Re: Thank you so much Sony!

Feb 27, 2013

**** Please post your concerns about the $10  here.*** This thread will now be locked.

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