Oct 07 2013
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Terraria & Defiance Players?

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im im trying to find sum ppl who play one or the other or both ;P i got a mic...but i dont like being blown up with game invites "im shure most of u can agree"


if u wanna game add me...psn Rx_Zombie



terraira: i need sum ppl who to help get the hallow/corrupt,pets,boss also a good builder and can help with designs and stuff on your worlds too


defiance: ive been pretty much running solo with sometimes people doing the same missions on and off, im down to help with missions and stuff



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Re: Terraria/Minecraft & Defiance Players?

Apr 9, 2014



still trying to get the trophies on terraria, need a currupt world and to destroy hardmode bosses 2times each,.

if u wanna help with either or both hit me up


on MC looking for cool people to adventure and build with, grefing will get you kicked and removed


still playing defiance

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