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Tales of a Nerd-Grade Nothing...

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This is my PlayStaton story...

I come from a family of gamers. Me (22), my brother (17), my sister (14) and even my mom (41) are all avid gamers. And I know what you're thinking "oh he's probably a gamer but his brother probably just plays Call of Duty and his mom and sister play Farmville and Angry Birds". Ah but you couldn't be further from the truth. There are many a day where I catch my mom online playing Skyrim or Dead Island and my friend's ask me about it: "dude, does your mom really play those games?" Yes, yes she does. My sister is a fan of LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, those types of games. And my brother? Well... if it's a PS3 exclusive, chances are he's got it.

Now, what about me? Well the reason I bring my family into play is because my story starts with them...

We were a poor family, heck we still are, and we did what we could to get by. My mom had terrible luck with relationships, all the guys she ever dated turned out to be bad guys and/or left her. For awhile we lived with my sister's dad, things weren't so bad at that point. They got bad later but for the time being, life was tolerable. We had a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo, and I, being the kid I was, was obsessed with them. I used to get up at 6am and sneak into the living room to play the games. Eventually they had to put them in a toolbox at night so I'd stay in bed. It didn't take me long to figure out I could saw the box open with a steak knife. However, I didn't bother to think about the consequences...

I was really huge on gaming and electronics in general, even as a young kid. And it showed. I taught myself how to use the VCR and I would record gameplay footage as I played. Similar to what youtube users do now with those HD PVR boxes.

Fast forward a couple years and we finally have a Sony PlayStation. Oh the fond memories of that system. I remember it's how I first got into Final Fantasy, which is now my all time favorite franchise. Final Fantasy Tactics was the first PSOne game I ever played. Strange, right? Most people start with Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot. But not me. And I LOVED this game (I now have the PSP remake), it got me hooked on Final Fantasy, RPGs, and Tactics games all at once. Some of the other games we had were Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Klonoa, Monster's Inc, Kingsley's Adventure, A Bug's Life, Gex, Tekken, and I think I remember a game where you play as a man with a tiger's head... but I can't remember the name of it. I remember watching my sister's dad play Resident Evil for hours on end. I had nightmares every time but I loved every minute of it. At this point I was at least 8 or 9 years of age. I remember countless hours of playing Spyro trying to get ever last gem and every last dragon/egg. My OCD forced me to 100% any game I was physically capable of doing so in.

I remember we used to go to the store and look through those Tips n Tricks magazines when we got stuck, and instead of buying the magazine we just wrote the codes down. We also used to get those demo discs from PlayStation Underground and PlayStation Magazines. I would play the same demo over and over and over again. I remember when Spyro was just a demo...

Fast forward a few more years and now i'm 13, living with my grandmother and my uncle. My uncle had the fat PS2 and we played it together a lot. He was a big fan of the army-style FPS games such as Ghost Recon or Medal of Honor. We would sit there and play them in co-op for hours. He also had Final Fantasy X, which was (after a long break) the game that got me back into the franchise. That man was my idol. he put well over 200 hours into that game, had the entire sphere grid for EVERY character maxed out, all celestial weapons unlocked, all monster arena monsters captured, created and defeated. There wasn't a single part of Spira he hadn't explored and I was so envious of him and wanted to be just like him. One of my funniest memories is when we'd play Nascar Thunder 2003 and  I would cheat for him by turning around and going backwards on the track, then I'd crash into all the other cars and he'd dodge and weave through the wreckage like Lightning McQueen and come out in first. It was so much fun!

But then one fateful winter it happened... my uncle caught a bad case of the "gamer's rage" and the results were disastrous to say the least. It was like any other day, he was playing some ATV racing game and I was watching, when suddenly I felt a disturbance in the force! Something had gone wrong in the game and my uncle was not happy. He then proceeded to get up and deliver a swift kick to the PS2. I gazed in horror as it flew across the room and landed upside down in the Christmas tree.

We went weeks without a functioning PS2 until one day after church we stopped at our local Best Buy and he decided "aw, what the heck" and bought a new one. It was then that I saw it. The game that would forever change my life and make my obsession for gaming that much more powerful. Kingdom Hearts. Being a huge fan of Disney and Final Fantasy when I first saw the trailers for this game I about had a spazz attack. I begged him to get it for me, and he did.

Sadly I never got to finish the game, because I had to move. Times were changing, and so was my life. I actually went 8 long years with hardly ever being able to touch a video game... except for the few rare occasions I got to go to my buddy's house. Needless to say they were the 8 worst years of my life for more reasons than just that...

When I finally turned 18 I was living with my grandma again but my uncle wasn't. I found myself a job at a McDonald's. I had saved up some money and bought myself a slim PS2. The gray one. Any guess what the first game I bought was? That's right... Castlevania. I'm just kidding. It was Kingdom Hearts, both 1 and 2 actually. I loved them both and actually played the 2nd one again and again and again and again and again. I even still play it to this day. I got back into the habit of recording my gameplay on a VCR too, and even learned how to hook my MP3 player up to the VCR so I could replace the game audio with music. I had a DVD/VCR combo with a built in DVD burner, so I could actually take my recorded game footage, and dub it from VHS to DVD, or if I had a DVD-RW I could just record straight to DVD and even pause the recording like with a VHS tape. This became my obsession, and pretty soon I had the game looking like a movie. A 16+ hour movie...

My uncle at the time had a PS3, he got it at launch, he still has it now. It's backwards compatible, and he upgraded the hard drive to a 320GB and now he's got the setup up. But back in 2008 when he showed it to me, we would sit in his new apartment and play Rainbow Six Vegas or Resistance: Fall of Man until our thumbs bled.

After awhile I moved out of my grandma's place and got my own apartment. I was taking classes at a community college at this point and one day I found myself browsing their in-school store. Now normally these places only sell school supplies, laptops, and snacks. However this one sold gaming systems as well. This is where I found my PSP. I didn't hesitate to write them a check and be on my way. I was so excited. many of the PSOne Classics I have on my PS3 today were purchased on my PSP. One day, I found myself having a bad case of the "gamer's rage" myself, and in my fury (Rock Band: Unplugged was involved) I broke my PSP screen, I paid $90 to get it fixed and have had the fixed one ever since, and I have been very careful with all my systems to this day.

I used to spend many countless hours on the PSP until... Christmas of 2009. It was the first real Christmas where I could afford to buy everyone gifts and this made me happy. So I treated myself to a gift. I stopped in at the local GameStop and asked about their PS3s. In the end I walked out with a used 160GB ps3 and my first 2 PS3 games... Assassin's Creed and Dragon Age: Origins. At first they were the only 2 games I could afford (aside from a few digital PSN games I purchased), so I played the crap out of them. As time went on more and more games started to catch my eye until I had accumulated a nice collection of over 30 or so. I became a huge fan of PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted and inFAMOUS. I even got my brother into PS3 by showing him those games. He loved Uncharted but after playing inFAMOUS he said "ok, that's it, I NEED a PS3, NOW."

I was the first of my family to get a PS3. Which I am very proud of. My mom was next in line, after her current boyfriend's PS3 was stolen she bought him a new one, but the cops found his old one and therefore, she got to keep the new one she bought for him. My mom is a bit strange when it comes to games. She plays a lot of the popular ones that everyone likes bt she also goes to GameStop and buys those small titles that may people haven't heard of or though were garbage (like X-Blades). My brother was next in line to get his PS3. He bought his PS3 and the Uncharted dual pack the same day. Then my sister... her dad bought her one for Christmas last year.

The year is now 2012. I live in a small but nice apartment with my fiancee and our 2 cats Rowan and Cali, I have an amazing group of friends, I go out drinking with my buddies on the weekends and I have over 40 retail games, over 60 digital games, and now a PS Vita to call my own. Life is truly good.  

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Re: Tales of a Nerd-Grade Nothing...

Apr 7, 2012


This deserves a GOLD star!!

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Re: Tales of a Nerd-Grade Nothing...

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Awesome story bro! I can really relate to your words!

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