Mar 17 2013
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Hello, I'm having problems with my list of trophies. I should start out by saying that I really don't care for trophies but since I got them I would like for my efforts to be seen. Lets begin by saying that I have 60 games saved on my PS3 (not the exact amount). When I switch my trophies list to offline mode I can see all 60 games and their trophies percentages. When I switch to online mode only 40 of the games are shown. Now I sync my trophies to the server everyday and that was before I became a PS+ member and the other 20 games never would show up on the online server. When I became a PS+ member I thought that the automatic sync would allow all my games to be shown on online mode but that was not the case. Now following the PS4 announcement I want all my trophies to carry over not just the 40 and other games I'll buy leading up to PS4. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT...THANK YOU




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